Advantages of Hiring Process Servers in Foreclosure Cases

For a foreclosure to be considered legal and valid, each stage must be properly conducted, and all requirements accurately met.

Although foreclosure requirements often vary among lenders and jurisdictions, they would usually include:

  • Notice of Acceleration
  • Notice of Default
  • Notice of Intent to Foreclose
  • Notice of Sale and
  • Foreclosure Notice (if the sale has taken place)

If these documents are not served properly, your foreclosure case may be invalidated.

Consequences of defective service

In the event of a defective or incomplete service, the case may have to be restarted regardless of how far you are into the process. Any errors will result in additional costs and may even throw your case out of court for bad service. For abandoned or vacant properties, delays will increase the cost of maintenance and may also trigger additional issues due to lack of use.

The best way to ensure documents are served in compliance with the law is to entrust the job to a professional foreclosure process server.

Reasons to hire a foreclosure process server

lawThorough knowledge of the law

The legal requirements concerning foreclosure process serving can be complex. You need someone on your side who can guide you in making informed decisions and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Foreclosure process servers typically have an excellent background on federal and provincial laws. This reduces the likelihood of court order violations that could disrupt the foreclosure.  Process servers are also skilled in performing due diligence and can prove their service attempts in court if necessary.

Time savings

Timeliness is a critical aspect of foreclosure cases. When you hire a process server, you can save time locating the defendant or delivering the papers by yourself. Process servers are adept at tracking down and serving elusive subjects. They work fast and ensure papers are served within the statute of limitations.  They can even make multiple attempts in a span of several hours to complete the service and guarantee accuracy.

From locating the defendant to securing the affidavit, process servers will oversee the entire service so you can focus on what matters most.

Reduced stress

Getting the right legal documents where they need to be can be stressful and even dangerous, especially in cases that involve potential assault. Hiring process servers can save you from hostile situations and prevent court hearings from getting derailed. You can rest assured that the service will be carried out legally, safely, and correctly.

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