Professional Process Service Agency in the Bronx

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution entitles every American to due process, which includes getting documentation and notice concerning the civil suits filed against them. Providing them with notice gives the defendant or respondent enough time to write up a response and, if needed, obtain legal representation.

With the help of Serve Index LLC, you can have your summons, subpoenas, and other legal documents hand delivered to the respondent or defendant promptly. We’ve successfully served countless individuals and corporations in the Bronx and the other boroughs of New York City.

You can rely on our team to serve the court papers and other required legal documents promptly, complete the affidavit of service, file that affidavit in court, and send a copy of this document to you as proof of serving the defendant correctly.

We are up to date with the latest codes and procedures to effectively execute your process of service. If you hire us, consider it done.

Features of Our Process Service

Our service of process includes the following:

On top of that, we provide you with three delivery timeframe options depending on the urgency of your civil lawsuit. These options are:

Delivering Legal Documents in Brooklyn and Other NYC Areas

As a trusted local process server, we serve all neighborhoods within Brooklyn. It includes:

  • Standard Service – Once you’ve provided us with the necessary legal papers, we’ll serve your summons along with any other legal documents to defendants in the Bronx in 3-5 days. This service is ideal for plaintiffs who have plenty of time to spare.
  • Rush Service – If you need your documents served in three days, take advantage of our rush option. We’ll complete the service of process 24 to 48 hours after receiving your legal papers.
  • Same-Day Service – If time is of the essence, choose this option. We’ll make every effort to serve your legal papers on the same day.

The Serve Index LLC Difference

Here are a few traits that give us an edge over other process service agencies in New York City:

  • Meticulous – As a licensed process server, we complete our work to the highest standards and perform our job in accordance with the law.
  • Reputable – Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for our timely service of process, speedy document delivery, and professional conduct. We’ve received several five-star reviews on Google, which is a testament to our exceptional service.
  • Dependable – We have a skilled and experienced team of fully licensed process servers who serve legal documents correctly and swiftly. Clients can rely on us to deliver the legal papers to even the most evasive defendants or respondents.
  • Knowledgeable – Our team has unrivaled in-depth knowledge of The Bronx, as well as the other boroughs in New York.

At Serve Index LLC, we continuously strive for excellence by upgrading the way we do business to serve our client’s needs. Rest assured you will receive the personal attention and professional service you deserve.

Send us an email at [email protected] or call 1-888-994-6339 to get a free quote of our services.