Process Server for Personal Injury Cases in New York

A personal injury caused by another person’s negligence or malicious intent is grounds for a personal injury case. It can happen anywhere: on the streets, in the workplace, a public place, even in a neighbor’s house. As such, the people at fault (who’ll later become the defendant in the personal injury case) could also be anyone, from a reckless driver to executives of a commercial building.

Regardless of the identity of the defendant, the individual or individuals responsible for a personal injury must be made aware of the charges your client has filed against them.

Get in touch with Serve Index LLC if you and your client are looking to expedite the process involved in the personal injury lawsuit. Our process servers can serve legal documents to defendants in personal injury cases anywhere in New York. We’re fully qualified and licensed to serve a summons and personal injury lawsuits. More than that, we have years of experience tracking individuals and serving them appropriately, whether in their home, office, public places, or elsewhere.

We do this for law firms, solo-practice personal injury attorneys, courts, and individuals seeking professional process serving.

Gain traction on your personal injury cases as quickly as possible by hiring our competent process servers in NYC.

We Serve Documents for Various Personal Injury Cases

Process serving is what our company does best. Regardless of the nature of the case, you can count on us to hand-deliver the pertinent documents to the right people.

We serve documents for the following personal injury cases:

Personal injury court cases like the above range from physical to emotional or reputational injury. We personally deliver the legal documents to the responsible individuals no matter their profession, background, or social standing. Our agents also complete the service of process as quickly as possible to satisfy your personal injury clients.

Accurate and Appropriate Process Serving

Issues can arise surrounding the method of serving a summons and lawsuit to defendants. While it is crucial to hand the papers over to the correct person as quickly as possible, they should be delivered “the right way.” Otherwise, your case could lose its footing in court.

Serve Index LLC performs service of process accurately and with finesse. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable agents know how to get the job done without crossing the boundaries of what’s legal in the state of New York. So if you want the job done fast and done right, get in touch with Serve Index LLC.

Your One-Stop for Legal Support Services

Besides process serving, we also offer other legal support services like court filing, skip tracing, subpoena service, and document retrieval. We can also do same-day process service for personal injury clients who wish to expedite the service of process and secure an early court date.

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