Professional Court Document Retrieval Services

Having retrieved documents from state, federal and local courts in New York City, Serve Index has become the go-to document retrieval agency for some of the country’s largest firms. We have helped law firms, attorneys, private investigators, private equity firms and hedge funds find the documents they need for any purpose. Expediting the document retrieval process and saving our clients thousands of hours in manpower in addition to thousands of dollars in billable hours.

Court Document Retrieval in New York City

As trusted document retrievers our work speaks for itself, as our searches make every effort to meet our clients’ needs in a timeous manner. Triple checking accuracy and relevance before delivering documents.

Where the process may take longer than our estimated time – due to circumstances outside of our control – our searches continuously follow up on the progress of the document resulting in the process being expedited. These delays may include documents that are still in mediation, the judge’s chamber or documents that need to be ordered from storage.

Document Retrieval Done By Professional Searchers

We search both electronic databases in addition to court archives and then verify the appositeness of the documents before delivering them. You can decide whether you would like your documents delivered in electronic form (scanned and emailed) or in hard copy.

Court Document Location Services

We’re able to retrieve docket sheets, decisions, opinions, briefs and pleadings quickly and accurately, in addition to executing:

  • Deeds and Property Searches.
  • Probate Searches (documents pertaining to probate i.e. wills, death certificates, list of heirs etc.).
  • UCC Searches (retrieving legal forms such as UCC-1 and UCC-3).
  • Transcript Searches (recordings and transcripts of specific depositions).
  • Answer Searches (copies of answers in civil and probate cases).
  • Complaint Searches.
  • Motion Searches.
  • Affidavit Searches.
  • Order Searches.

Expedite Your Document Retrieval Process

Don’t let the lack of information prohibit you from doing what you need to do. Instead, have our team of efficient and professional searches retrieve your documents swiftly.