Professional Nassau County Process Servers

The United States constitution grants everybody the right to undergo due process when faced with a lawsuit. Such a process includes receiving a copy of the charges filed against them, seeking legal representation, and, if necessary, defending themselves in court. These rights stand regardless of a defendant’s history with the law.

A lawsuit can only move forward if the defendant receives a copy of the legal documents filed against him or her in court. The service of process must be performed, however, by a third-party who has no involvement in the case.

Reliable Process Servers in Nassau County, Long Island, NY

Our licensed process servers at Serve Index LLC are the best people in Nassau County to entrust with this task. We provide process service and other legal support services throughout Long Island as well as the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. We serve attorneys, law offices, landlords, and civilians who are filing a case against defendants in Nassau County.

We do a lot more than hand over a stack of papers to specific individuals. We find the current location of a defendant and study their routines so that we can catch them at the most opportune time and successfully serve them with legal documents. If a defendant is difficult to locate, our process servers also have the expertise to trace them and prevent them from continuously evading the due process of law.

Our Service Timeframes

Access to relevant technology, thorough knowledge of Nassau County’s geography, and instincts honed by years of service — these are the strengths of our process servers at Serve Index LLC. We work fast because some legal papers (e.g., motions, orders to show cause) have time limits for the service of process.

Choose from our three service timeframes:

Every hour counts when you’re filing a complaint against people or organizations. If you want to have a legal resolution as soon as possible, trust process servers who can do the job right and fast.

Why Choose Serve Index LLC?

When seeking justice or reparations, you’ll need process servers who can help move your case forward, not create problems that can cause irreparable damage to your lawsuit.

Serve Index LLC is your best choice. We have the following advantages:

  • Experience – We have been serving legal documents without fail, not only in Nassau County but also throughout Long Island for many years now. All of our process servers are trained and licensed to serve legal documents in the state of New York.
  • Resources – We use technology and other resources to find evasive defendants and serve them within your requested timeframe.

    • GPS tracking
    • Real-time photo logs
    • Regular progress updates and status notifications (via email)
  • Observance of Law – Our process servers know and follow the correct procedure for serving legal documents in New York, from delivering papers to filing an affidavit of service.

One misstep and the service of process could result in the dismissal of your lawsuit. While the law allows you to start all over again, it will no doubt come at a massive cost.

See to it that the people or entities you’re filing a lawsuit against are served correctly and on time. Get in touch with Serve Index LLC. Call 1-888-994-6339 or fill out our contact form.