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Serve Index LLC’s network of professional process servers provides exceptional legal support services to law firms, corporations, and civilians throughout New York. Throughout the years, we’ve served thousands of defendants and have since then earned our place as one of New York City’s trusted legal support service agencies.

The Areas We Serve Include:

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Looking for a process server in the Brooklyn area for your legal needs? Serve Index LLC is here to help. We carry out our service of process promptly and accurately, as well as deliver exceptional customer service. Doing so has allowed us to become a leading process server in Brooklyn, setting a precedent and industry benchmark with our first-class service.


Every day in New York City, people file countless civil suits, all of which need documents to be served to the defendants or respondents as required by law. If you’re one of the many individuals or attorneys undertaking this task, you’ll need a reliable process server agency in Manhattan to serve your documents.

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Staten Island

Serve Index LLC is the agency that fits the bill. As an experienced and fully licensed process server, we effectively serve legal papers in Staten Island, as well as in the other boroughs in New York City. Count on us to accurately and swiftly serve a wide range of documents to persons or entities, including complaints and summons, writs, subpoenas, divorce petitions, and foreclosures.


Looking for an agency to complete the service of process in Queens? The licensed, experienced process servers of Serve Index LLC are here to complete service quickly and efficiently. No matter where you are in the area, our staff serves the legal documents to even the most evasive individuals.

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With the help of Serve Index LLC’s team of process servers in Bronx, NY, you can have your summons, subpoenas, and other legal documents hand delivered to the respondent or defendant promptly. We’ve successfully served countless individuals and corporations in the boroughs of New York City.

Long Island

Ensure that the defendant receives his or her summons or subpoenas in person as quickly as possible to expedite the processing of your case. Serve Index LLC can make it happen for you. We are a licensed agency offering process services in Long Island. We provide legal support services to law firms, attorneys, and civilians.

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Start your lawsuit right with the help of Serve Index LLC. Our process servers in Nassau County are ready to deliver your court documents quickly and reliably.

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Serve Index LLC’s process servers in Suffolk County can serve your legal documents promptly and accurately. Get swift and efficient service of process here.

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If you are one of the many individuals looking to file a successful lawsuit or claim in Westchester, New York, you will need the help of seasoned process servers from Serve Index LLC.

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Claims and lawsuits can only move forward after the process of service is performed, and it must be done correctly in order to be recognized by the law. This is what our Rockland process servers are here for.

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With the help of our process servers in Putnam County, you’re confident that your papers are served with precision and accuracy.

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At Serve Index LLC, we take this statement seriously as we do what is necessary to deliver important court documents to the right parties without hassle or delay.

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Serve Index LLC has been helping clients launch successful lawsuits for years. Our unique, no-nonsense approach ensures the delivery of important court documents without hassle or delay across New York.

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We serve several types of documents in Dutchess, namely Complaints, Divorce Petitions, Subpoenas, Summons, and Writs.

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Nationwide Service

Serve Index LLC’s process servers serve legal documents anywhere in the US with unparalleled professionalism.

Legal Assistance Is Available All Around The Country

Anywhere in the United States, our dedicated process servers provide top-notch and dependable legal assistance services. Our organization attempts to provide professional, quick, and diligent services to our clients in all 50 states, from court filing to mobile notary.

We’re Passionate About Our Services

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