Professional Process Servers in the US

Determined, Detailed, and Diligent Services Guaranteed

Serve Index LLC’s nationwide process servers serve legal documents anywhere in the United States with 100 percent professionalism. Designed to partner with law firms to streamline the service of court papers, our firm helps clients serve their documents anytime, anywhere. We can be your ONE contact to handle all 50 states for process service.

How Our Service Process Works

Once you’ve decided to use our services, our team will serve the court papers on your behalf, complete the affidavit of service, and mail your original affidavit to you to prove that we’ve served the papers to the defendant/recipient.

Our Process Service includes the following:

Depending on the urgency of your case, you are free to choose any of the following time frames for delivery:

  • Same-day service
  • 24 to 48 Hours Rush Service
  • 3 to 5 day Standard Service

Additional fees will apply for our same day and rush services.

Streamline Your Case with a Professional By Your Side

We’ve heard cases where a plaintiff decided to bypass a professional process server and send documents to the local sheriff for service. Though going down this route requires less research and costs less compared to hiring a professional, it increases your risk for common service of process pitfalls.

When you hire Serve Index LLC, you benefit from the following:

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Speedier Service

Prompt service of your documents is important, especially if your service relates to an impending deposition or court hearing, which may require the service of documents within a particular period to ensure your case proceeds properly. Our process servers can finish the job immediately, unlike sheriffs’ offices that handle a whole host of other duties — finding and apprehending suspects, transporting prisoners, providing protection to the public, etc.

Knowledge of Service

Serve Index LLC’s process servers are well-versed on the Rules of Civil Procedure and other laws surrounding proper service of process. They can serve defendants in multiple jurisdictions, as well as fill out an Affidavit of Service properly to prove they did their due diligence.

Our process servers also offer assistance in local, state, and federal cases.

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Neutral Third Parties

The law cannot hold process servers responsible for any resentment on the documents served. It helps us maintain your privacy, as well as ensure the timely processing of your legal documents.

Customer Service

It is our responsibility to make sure our clients are satisfied with our service. We provide regular updates on the process of your service and are always available to answer your concerns and questions. In the case of elusive defendants, we work diligently to find them and serve your documents immediately.

Here at Serve Index LLC, our service involves more than a server handing out documents to a defendant — our servers are courteous professionals who serves as an extension of your firm and fulfills an important role in the American judicial system.

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