Service of Process of So-Ordered Subpoenas in NYC

Service of Process in New York City

In some cases, the validity of subpoenas rests on factors beyond being served by a licensed process server and following the time specified by regulations. Some entities only honor a so-ordered subpoena, a document ordered by the court and signed by a judge.

These entities include:

  • A City Agency
  • A State Agency
  • A Public Library

In fact, all records for city, state, and federal agencies must be so ordered by a judge. If these institutions aren’t served with a so-ordered subpoena, they are not obligated to comply.

As such, parties that need to subpoena such entities need to have the original subpoena signed by the judge before serving. It is important to note that a city or state agency or public library must be served at least 24 hours prior to the time of appearance.

As a reputable process server agency in New York City, Serve Index LLC complies with the aforementioned requirements and delivers the so-ordered subpoena in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest process service agencies in the city, even in cases with complicated requirements.

Serve a So-Ordered Subpoena in New York City

Serve Index LLC works in accordance with relevant laws when serving a so-ordered subpoena. We:

  1. Ensure that the subpoena is properly filled out.
  2. Submit the subpoena to the Court Clerk’s Office, who will forward it to the judge.
  3. Retrieve the subpoena once it is signed.
  4. Ensure that an original HIPAA authorization accompanies the subpoena (if medical records are requested).
  5. Serve the subpoena on the recipient.
  6. Complete the Affidavit of Service and file it with the Court.

The Highest Standards in Service of Process

Serve Index LLC boasts a high success rate in subpoena delivery services. Our extensive knowledge of process servicing puts us a notch above our peers. We understand the nuances in serving that could affect the case significantly.

We always serve a recipient as the state stipulates. Additionally, we offer:

  • Real-Time Email Updates – Constant and regular updates give you the peace of mind that the so-ordered subpoena makes its way to the recipient.
  • Witness Fee Calculation – Witnesses in New York should be paid a witness fee of $15.00 per day and an additional 23 cents per mile roundtrip. We will calculate the fees you have to pay, so you can prepare them immediately. If you fail to pay the fee before the scheduled date, the duty to appear is void.
  • Three Delivery Attempts – Persistent efforts enable us to serve so ordered subpoenas within the designated timeframe.
  • Emailed Copy of Affidavit of Service – You can rest assured that the so-ordered subpoena is delivered to the recipient.

Hire Experienced Process Servers

You would not want to entrust the delivery of a so-ordered subpoena to an inexperienced process server, especially because some entities need to be served 24 hours before the appearance. Timely delivery is non-negotiable as far as subpoenas go — the case depends on it.

Trust the service agency that has built a reputation for timeliness. Serve Index LLC makes every effort to serve your so-ordered subpoena on the right entity.

Contact us today if you need a subpoena signed and delivered.