Service Process on the NY Secretary of State

Take control of your corporation’s legal needs with Serve Index LLC, a leading Process Server in New York City. We help law firms and corporations deliver service of process to the NY Secretary of State and the city’s five boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn).

Leave the Serving to Us

Our team effect service on the New York Secretary of State under all the laws below:

  • §306 of the Business Corporation Law. Service on domestic or foreign corporations qualified to do business in New York
  • §307 of the Business Corporation Law. Service on foreign corporations not qualified to do operations in New York
  • §253 of the Vehicle & Traffic Law. Service on actions involving motor vehicles on a non-resident of New York
  • §254 of the Vehicle & Traffic Law. Service on actions of a motor vehicle on a New York resident during the time of the incident

We also offer service of process solutions for the following laws:

  • §121-109(a) and 121-109(b) Partnership Law (LPs)
  • §121-109 of the Revised Limited Partnership Law
  • §121-1502 and 121-1505 of the Revised Limited Partnership Law (LLPs)
  • §303 and 304 of the Limited Liability Company Law
  • §306 and 307 of the Not-For-Profit Law
  • §339-n of the Real Property Law and §250 of the General Business Law

For an additional fee, our team completes the service as per Section 307(b)(1)(2), which is often affected by return receipt requests and registered mail. We will also provide an affidavit of compliance.

Service of Process on the New York Secretary of State as an Agent of Domestic and Authorized Foreign Entities

New York’s Secretary of State is the sole permitted agent for service of process on foreign entities formed in other jurisdictions outside the state, as well as domestic entities created in New York. Anyone who wishes to serve process on behalf of corporations, limited liability companies, and non-profit organizations (both foreign and domestic) handle the service process of the secretary of state.

We are responsible for establishing the identity of the entity that requires service. Since there are millions of domestic and authorized foreign entities registered with the Department of State (DOS), there is a tendency for the entities intended to be served to share a similar or exact name with another entity.

Once we’ve determined the entity that has to be served, we will receive a “Current Status Information” from the DOS. We’ll use our access to the official DOS database to print our copies of the DOS search page for the entity you wish to serve.

Apart from these steps, our other responsibilities include:

Completion of the Service Process Cover Sheet.

We’ll fill out a Service of Process Cover Sheet, which includes the name of the entity to be served, the section of the law under which we are making the service, as well as our basic information.

Delivery of Documents

Our process servers will then hand-deliver two duplicate copies of the process being served along with the Service Process Cover Sheet and DOS Search page. We will also pay applicable fees to authorized personnel at the DOS office.

The rules and regulations associated with the service of process in New York can easily overwhelm individuals who are unfamiliar with them. For this reason, it’s important to let Serve Index LLC work on your behalf.

Our licensed service processors have a clear grasp on the intricacies involved with different types of Service of Process in New York. We are always up-to-date with new regulations and procedures to ensure we serve your process as soon as possible.

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