Licensed Process Service Agency in Staten Island

People and corporations file countless lawsuits in New York City courts every day. When plaintiffs file a suit, they need to notify the defendant regarding the complaint as required by law. Provided with a notification, the defendant has ample time to respond to the complaint or seek legal representation from a qualified attorney.

The plaintiff has 120 days from the filing of the complaint to serve the required legal papers to the defendant. When this period lapses without serving the defendant, the court may dismiss the case. You can avoid this by turning to an agency that offers reliable and professional service of process.

Serve Index LLC is the agency that fits the bill. As an experienced and fully licensed process server, we effectively serve legal papers in Staten Island, as well as in the other boroughs in New York City. Count on us to accurately and swiftly serve a wide range of documents to persons or entities, including complaints and summons, writs, subpoenas, divorce petitions, and foreclosures.

Some of the great features you’ll find in our process of service are:

Features of Our Process Service

Our service of process includes the following:

We also provide three serving timeframe options:

  • Same-Day Service – This is for clients who need a legal paper delivered to their defendant or respondent on the same day.
  • Rush Service – Our licensed process servers hand deliver the legal documents to their intended recipient within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Standard Service – We serve the legal papers within three to five days.

Why Choose Us over Other Agencies

While many companies offer service of process that’s similar to ours, Serve Index LLC has certain qualities that make us a cut above the rest. These include:


We understand that any errors in the service of process, such as failure to serve the legal papers within the confines of the law, can cause the delay or dismissal of the plaintiff’s case. Our agency, therefore, makes sure to get the job done without mistakes.


We have the resources and people to serve deliberately evasive defendants or respondents in New York City — something that other agencies are struggling to achieve. If the defendant is hiding somewhere in Staten Island (or in other areas of the city), we’ll track them down and serve the legal documents to them within the delivery timeframe.


We’ve been delivering legal documents to thousands of defendants since 2010. Since then, we’ve acquired a pool of clients that choose our agency because of our timely, thorough, and professional service of process. Eventually, we became the preferred agency for many corporations and law firms in New York City.


Our agency goes beyond delivering prompt service of process. We take the time to understand the goals of our clients and provide them with the appropriate legal support services to meet their needs. If they need help in finding the current location of an individual and need legal papers served, for instance, we offer our skip tracing services in addition to our process service.

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