Reliable Process Server Agency in Long Island

Since 2014, over 3 million criminal and civil cases have been filed each year in the New York state. This figure doesn’t yet include those in the Appellate Division or the Community Dispute Resolution Centers. Consider the amount of paperwork and process services that went into the filing, serving, and trial of each of these cases — the workload is no doubt so massive that law firms and solo practitioners would need the help of professional process servers.

Ensure that the defendant receives his or her summons or subpoenas in person as quickly as possible to expedite the processing of your case. Serve Index LLC can make it happen for you. We are a licensed agency offering process services in Long Island. We provide legal support services to law firms, attorneys, and civilians.

Our Legal Support Services

As a legal representative, you can only move forward with a client’s case if the defendant has been served. It’s, therefore, crucial that the defendant receives your client’s complaint or court summons. Our process servers who’re licensed to serve legal documents in Long Island helps you expedite your end of the legal process. We can help give your clients peace of mind and earn their trust and confidence.

Come to us whenever you need the following services:

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Choose the Process Service that Suits Your Client’s Needs

Proper execution of the service of process is crucial for a lawsuit to progress. It also avoids putting your credibility and the validity of your client’s complaints into question. Although no law explicitly prohibits attorneys from serving papers to agents for service of process (in the case of corporations or limited liability companies) or defendants (for lawsuits against individuals), it is highly discouraged since the service of process could become a point of argument during the trial.

When time is of the essence, and you cannot personally see to the service process, Serve Index LLC is ready to be your guide. Our experienced and licensed process servers deliver legal documents anywhere in Long Island. We also expedite our service depending on your needs. Choose from our three service periods:

  • Standard Service – Have your legal documents served within three to five days anywhere in Long Island, New York. We recommend this option if you’re not gunning for an early court date.
  • Rush Service – Ensure that your client’s lawsuit is served to the defendant or agent for service of process within 24 to 48 hours. It is an excellent option if you want the service process completed before the weekend.
  • Same-Day Service – Our most experienced and knowledgeable process servers oversee the same-day serving of legal documents. It is a value-added service available to any client who has reason to believe that the defendant may try to avoid being served or handed a summons by the court.

We understand your need for a fast and reliable process serving. With our experience and track record of hand-delivering legal documents to their intended recipients in a short time, you can’t go wrong in choosing us.

Delivering Legal Documents in Long Island

If your intended recipient is in Long Island, NY, expect our process servers to hand-deliver your documents promptly and error-free.

We serve the following areas in Long Island:

The Serve Index LLC Advantage

Our process servers in Long Island go the extra mile to exceed client expectations. Here are the top reasons why we’re the first choice of countless attorneys, individuals, paralegals, and local and international law firms:

  • Value-Added Services – We provide free features that make our services all the more reliable. These include GPS tracking, detailed status updates via email, real-time photo documentation, and at least three delivery attempts.
  • Licensed and Dependable Process Servers – Our extensive knowledge and years of experience enable us to deliver your documents quickly and in accordance with the law. We’ve received several five-star reviews on Google and have the technology to serve even the most evasive defendants.
  • Three Service Time Options – We have delivery options to suit different scheduling needs. Choose from same-day service, rush service (within 24 to 48 hours), and standard service (three- to five-day processing time).

Reliable Process Servers in Long Island

We serve documents and offer legal services to clients anywhere in Long Island. Our process servers can also deliver to the nearby Nassau and Suffolk counties. If you are based anywhere in these areas, Serve Index LLC is the agency to call.

If you need papers served within the week or even within the day, our licensed process servers in New York will get it done. Call us at 1 888 994 6339 or email