Deliver a Subpoena Efficiently to
Your Recipient in NYC

According to the law for the delivery of a subpoena to be valid it must be delivered by a licensed process server. The courts of New York City also recommend that a subpoena be delivered five days prior to the earliest date of compliance. Due to the nature of serving subpoenas as well as the aforementioned requirements, we have created a division in our process service that deals specifically with the timely serving of subpoenas in New York.

Serve a Subpoena In New York City

In New York there are several laws that govern the process of service, which licensed process servers will abide by. These laws stipulate how and when a recipient is to be served, and how documented proof should be completed. As a reputable subpoena server agency, we always work in accordance with these laws and still manage to serve subpoenas to recipients in New York City’s five boroughs and Long Island’s Nassau County and Suffolk County on time.

Our service is professional, efficient and conducted to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on being one of the quickest process service agencies in New York City when it comes to subpoenas, always completing our service in the following timeframes:

  • Same Day Service: Delivery takes place on the same day.
  • Rush Service: Delivery will take place in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Standard Service: Delivery will take place in 3 to 5 days.

We also have a subpoena domestication service in New York. In some cases, the presence of a witness from outside the court’s jurisdiction is required. This presents its own set of challenges since it is dealing with two different and separate jurisdictions. This means two sets of legislative acts and Rules of Civil Procedure need to be considered.

With our service, you wouldn’t need to study these different rules and guidelines yourself. Our experienced process servers will quickly and properly domesticate out-of-state subpoenas and have them served.

Why you should work with a process server

Hiring the services of a subpoena server offers you the following advantages:

They can locate the most evasive individuals 

Professional subpoena servers are trained in tracking down hard-to-find individuals. They apply effective methods like skip tracing where they go through databases, public records, and research to effectively serve intended recipients.

They know how to serve unwilling recipients

Process servers are experienced in handling sensitive and confrontational situations. They guarantee that even the most difficult parties will be successfully served.

They will complete legal proof of service

Apart from seamless delivery, a professional process server will also file proof of service or the Affidavit of Service, giving you peace of mind that the task was completed without problems.

Why Should I Get Your Agency To Deliver A Subpoena?

All our agents are adept with the law and the requirements thereof. They will always serve a recipient as the State stipulates and are proven to excel in this line of work. The success rate of our subpoena delivery services and our innate understanding of the crucial process is a part of make us one of the best process servers in New York City. We offer:

  • Real Time Email Updates.
  • Witness Fee Calculation.
  • 3 of Delivery Attempts.
  • GPS Tracking.
  • Emailed Copy of Affidavit of Service prior to mailing.

Which ensures you are up-to-date on the process of service and provides peace of mind in these situations.

Hiring Experienced Process Servers To Serve Your Subpoena

You would not want to trust an inexperienced process server with delivering a subpoena, as the timely delivery is vital to your case. We understand this and make every effort to deliver your subpoena in the allocated time as we have done for our many clients.

Contact us today if you need to have a subpoena delivered.