Serving Foreclosure Documents in New York City

Service of process upholds and protects due process and the rights of the people involved in any legal proceeding. This also means that the process is more complex than what it seems, requiring the knowledge and experience of experts to effectively carry out.

Foreclosures have huge financial and even emotional implications. This is why courts have decided to set the bar very high for what can be considered as proper service. Without the necessary training and due diligence that foreclosure process servers in NY have, every challenge against the service can be an issue, especially since these challenges will very likely be examined thoroughly.

Timeliness and cost are high-impacting factors when it comes to foreclosure. An adept process server is well-versed in the rules to help prevent defective service that can delay the process at the very least. They may even need to make multiple attempts in a span of several hours just to ensure the service of process is done and done well.

From filing to eviction, we can help your firm complete the foreclosure process efficiently.

Error Free Foreclosure Process Service

In recent years the attorneys of many defendants have successfully delayed court cases, having some cases thrown out simply because service of process wasn’t completed correctly.
This has placed enormous pressure on firms to find both licensed and experienced process servers to ensure the service of process is admissible in proceedings.

As one of the leading service of process agencies in New York City our foreclosure process servers have been able to maintain an error free service of process – especially in foreclosure cases.

The services of our foreclosure process servers are punctual, efficient, and conducted to the highest standards. We offer the following delivery timeframes depending on your individual requirements:

  • Same Day Service: Delivery takes place on the same day.
  • Standard Service: Delivery will take place in 3-5 days.
  • Rush Service: Delivery will take place in 24-48 hours.

How Do I Know Defendants Will Be Served Correctly?

We understand that every step of the foreclosure process needs to be handled with due diligence to ensure it remains undisputed and credible. Therefore, we only hire New York’s finest process servers and are pleased to ensure our clients have access to highly skilled professionals who are experts at process serving.

What You Will Get When Using Our Services:


  • Trained and Experiences Servers
  • Error Free Process of Service
  • Confirmation of Service
  • Proof of Service
  • Proven Track Record of Due Diligence

What If Other Agencies Aren’t Able to Serve My Defendants?

Licensing and training aren’t the only thing that prepare process servers for evasive and tactful defendants, who have managed to bypass other (licensed) agencies before. Where our process servers differ is in their service integrity. Which has made us experts at delivering to defendants who, ultimately don’t want to their property to be foreclosed on and will go to great lengths to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If your defendant can’t be located, we offer skip tracing services as well. This service helps us locate elusive defendants quickly and serve them in time.

Why trust Serve Index LLC for your foreclosure serving needs

We offer the following features that set us apart from other process servers in New York:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Regular progress updates
  • Real-time photo documentation of the service of process

An emailed copy of the affidavit before

Experienced Foreclosure Process Servers

Having been trained to handle the foreclosure process our servers are ready to serve your firm’s documents expediently. Whereas our competitors may fail – we do not. We are committed to the work we do for our clients and always provide them with proof as soon as the service of process has been completed, in addition to maintaining these records should the need for substantiation arise.

If you have more questions about the service of process, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-994-6339 (Toll Free). You can also send us an email at

You can even reach us via snail mail at SERVE INDEX LLC, 8801 5th Ave STE 90105, Brooklyn, NY 11209.