Serve Index LLC offers a wide range of legal support services to New York City law firms, attorneys, corporations, and civilians.

You can rely on our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced process servers and mobile notaries to provide solutions to your process service, court filing, and skip tracing needs. We also offer mobile notary and document retrieval services.

Whether you need a subpoena served to a witness or a complaint served to a civil case defendant, we’ll ensure that process is served professionally, efficiently, and in full compliance with legal requirements. You can depend on us to serve all kinds of legal documents, including summonses and complaints, divorce papers, eviction notices, and landlord and tenant notices.

Filing the necessary papers and documents is a long and arduous process, and a single mistake may send you back to square one. Our team will obtain the required documents from the appropriate court and file them. As an authorized e-filing agency, we also assist attorneys with filing papers electronically—a faster and more convenient method than in-person filing.

New York City court filing

Save valuable time by entrusting the retrieval of your documents to our search experts. We have the necessary tools and resources to expedite the retrieval of docket sheets, decisions, opinions, briefs, pleadings, and more. Expect accurate and fast service when you choose us for this task.

Having a hard time tracking down someone who needs to be served or owes you money? Using our pool of resources and connections, we can locate their whereabouts quickly—often within hours.

For the service of process to be upheld, subpoenas must be delivered properly and on time. Hiring a professional process server from a reputable agency like Serve Index LLC ensures these conditions are met so that you can focus on your lawsuit or claim.

When parties need service of process on behalf of foreign (formed outside New York state) or domestic corporations, limited liability companies, and nonprofit organizations, they need professional process servers to ensure that the documents reach the right entities registered with the Department of State.

Learn more about our Serve Index today and hear from our satisfied clients. For valuable insights on NYC’s compex legal processes, feel free to browse our blogs and resources.

Have your contracts, affidavits, and other documents notarized even after hours with Serve Index LLC. As NYC’s trusted mobile notarization service provider, we ensure that your documents are delivered back to you promptly.

Whether the injury is caused by negligence or malicious intent, employing a professional process server to deliver the court documents will save the plaintiffs time, energy, and unnecessary worry. This way, they’ll have more time to build their case against the defendant.


Divorce proceedings formally begin when a plaintiff files a summons. By entrusting the delivery of this document to a professional process server from Serve Index LLC, plaintiffs can turn their attention to the most important aspects of the divorce proceedings.

Foreclosures are often sensitive and potentially emotional situations. With the help of professional process servers, the necessary court documents can be delivered correctly and in a timely manner. This helps ensure that the foreclosure process goes through without any issues.

When homes are involved, situations can quickly turn into emotional confrontations. This is why professional process servers play a vital role during disputes between landlords and tenants. With court documents served properly and promptly, complaints or lawsuits can continue as intended.

City agencies, state agencies, or public libraries only honor so-ordered subpoenas or documents that have been ordered by a court and signed by a judge. Professional process servers understand these nuances of the law and always work within them to deliver court documents correctly.

Mailing the documents

Whether the goal is justice, conflict resolution, compensation, or closure of a family dispute, professional process servers can make family court cases a little easier on the parties involved. They do this by seamlessly taking care of the service of process so that the case can proceed as planned.

Court documents are often time-sensitive. If you urgently need your papers served to the right people, our same-day process service guarantees delivery within the same day while still ensuring that the proper service of process is followed.

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