Reputable Process Service in New York City

If you need to serve legal papers to a spouse, business partner, or another party, let our process server in NYC deliver your documents with speed, precision, and efficiency.

We serve all kinds of legal documents including subpoenas, motions, divorce papers, eviction notices, landlord or tenant notices, and civil action suits. Just provide the documents and we’ll take care of the rest.

Challenges Associated with Service of Process in New York

Service of process in New York, like in any jurisdiction, presents various challenges. Here are some of the key ones lawyers should be mindful of:

  • Multiple Methods of Service: New York allows for various methods of service, including personal service, substituted service, and service by mail. Each method has its own requirements and limitations, and choosing the appropriate method can be challenging depending on the circumstances of the case.
  • Difficulty Locating Defendants: In lawsuits involving individuals or entities intentionally evading service of process, locating the defendant is often difficult. An attorney may have to hire private investigators or utilize other resources to track down the individual or entity to effect service. 
  • Out-of-State Defendants: The serving process for defendants outside of New York presents additional challenges due to the need to comply with New York state law and the laws of the jurisdiction where the defendant is located. This may involve using international treaties to ensure proper service. 
  • Service on Corporations and Businesses: The process of serving corporations and businesses in New York can be challenging due to the need to identify and serve the appropriate agent for the service process, which may require research into the corporate structure and registered agent information. 
  • Time Constraints: In many cases, there are strict deadlines for the serving process, and failure to serve within the required timeframe can result in the case being dismissed or delayed. This adds pressure to ensure that service is completed promptly and accurately. 
  • Costs: The costs associated with service of process, including hiring process servers or utilizing alternative service methods, can add up quickly, particularly in cases where multiple attempts at service are required.

Addressing these challenges often requires careful planning, attention to detail, and sometimes the assistance of legal professionals with expertise in New York civil procedure.

Service of Process in New York City

As licensed process servers, we deliver unmatched reliability and professionalism no matter how challenging the circumstances. We will serve the court papers, complete the affidavit of service, file it with the court and mail you the original affidavit, to prove that a defendant has been served correctly.

We serve the following areas in New York City:

With our diligence and dedication, trust us to serve time-sensitive documents on schedule and at your choice of location.

Our New York City process server is trained to personally serve your documents within days of your instruction. Work with us and benefit from the following features at no additional charge:


Updates on Service Progress


Real Time Photo Logs


3 Delivery Attempts


Reliable GPS Tracking


Email Status Notification


Emailed Copy of Affidavit prior to mailing

Combining vast experience with an in-depth knowledge of NY law, Serve Index offers a cost-effective way to serve legal papers without delays and compliance issues.

Who and What We Serve

For years, Serve Index has been personally serving legal papers to individuals, corporations, and even the state. We are backed by a high success rate and extensive experience in dealing with evasive and difficult individuals. Every job is handled with professionalism and discreteness to prevent further antagonism between parties.

Our process servers in NYC serve all forms of legal documents, including:

Once your papers have been served, we will prepare the necessary documents which will be sworn accordingly and handed over to you. Our process server in New York will ensure all proofs of service are accurate, complete, and in the correct format.

Clients can expect to receive the following upon completion of the job:


Affidavit of Service


Photo Logs of the Service


Email Status Notification

From the moment we receive your instruction to the time we deliver your papers, we see to it that your papers are served to the right party on time and without error.

How Do I Know A Defendant/Respondent Will Be Successfully Served?

Having assisted law firms, civilians and attorneys in the many areas of New York City, particularly Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx, our process servers are capable of serving even the most evasive defendants. That’s because, we succeed where our competitors fall short. As we always make an asserted effort to serve defendants (or an authorized individual) at the best time. Resulting in us having great success serving defendants that other process service agencies were unable to reach in time. Defendants who are willfully attempting to avoid service in a deliberate attempt to delay the process.

When Should I Expect Them to Receive the Documentation?

Depending on the urgency of your suit you could choose any of the following timeframes for delivery:

  • 3 to 5 days Standard Service
  • 24 to 48 Hours Rush Service
  • Same Day Service

For rush and same day service additional fees will apply.

Get in Touch with Reputable Process Servers In New York City

If you need a reliable process server to serve your defendant, you’ll want to contact us. We’ve helped many law firms and individuals in the past serve their defendants timeously, and we’ll be able to assist you as well.

Every American is entitled to due process as bestowed in their fifth amendment rights, this includes receiving notice and documentation about civil suits being brought against them. Giving them enough time to draft a response, and – if required – get legal representation. By law a defendant needs to be served within 120 days after an index number has been filed with the court, if you fail to do this as required your case can be thrown out.

In New York City it is the duty of a licensed process server to deliver court papers to a defendant.