Professional Court Filing Services
in New York City

Filing the necessary forms and papers at a court can be a burdensome and a time consuming task. The process usually involves visiting the court clerk, paying the filing fee, and adhering to court-specific filing requirements. Rather than do all this work yourself, let us handle the task of filing and serving court documents for you. We have made it easier for our New York clients by filing papers for them, whether in-person or through e-filing.

Court Filing in New York City

There is a proper way to deliver legal papers, guided by something called the service of process. Every person and organization involved in a case need to be served with their own set of legal papers the right way.

Papers, such as complaints or summons, cannot be personally served by the involved parties, unless permitted by the judge. This is where process servers step in; they will serve legal papers in a way that is recognized by the law.

When it comes to serving court papers in New York, leave it to professionals.

If the case has started but the legal papers weren’t served the right way, the judge may require the plaintiff or petitioner to restart the whole process from the beginning. This is known as a dismissal without prejudice. At Serve Index LLC, rest assured we will serve your documents with accuracy and guaranteed success.

We will help you file your Federal, State, Matrimonial, Probate, Family and Civil related cases at any of New York City’s courts including:

  • Family Court
  • Surrogate’s Court
  • US District Court
  • New York State Supreme Court
  • New York City Civil Court

In-Person Court Filing

Our process is simple and straightforward, we’ll pick up the necessary documents and file them at the appropriate court, and in the case of civil matters, in the correct jurisdiction. To get started you’ll need to have the necessary paperwork complete, as well as the correct amount of copies. If you need an index number, we’ll purchase them on your behalf, and submit the papers to the court clerk.

Filing Electronically

Save yourself the hassle of personally filing papers. Use our electronic filing system if it’s available in your area.

There are several counties in New York that allow papers to be filed electronically. However, not every claim can be filed in this manner. Some would still require you to file in-person.

For those counties that accept e-filing we’ve added this new feature to our services. This is part of our commitment to our clients to serve court papers in New York the right way.

Now, as an authorized e-filing agency we’re able to assist attorneys file cases through the NYSCEF (New York State Courts Electronic Filing) system saving them countless hours in the process. To carry out this service we’ll need a Statement of Authorization (SOA) for each law firm or attorney, in addition to scanned copies of the relevant paperwork.

Take advantage of this service and file papers electronically.

Get Your Papers Filed Quickly Using A Reliable Service

Your papers will be filed with the clerk of the court or through e-filing expeditiously. Meaning, you won’t have to spend time curating and filing your client’s cases, or spending time away from the office filing your own claims. We’ll take care of this process in an expedient manner.

To get your claims filed simply contact us.