Domesticating Out-of-State Subpoena in Delaware

Lawyers need subpoenas to gather information and evidence to build their cases. In the past, when lawyers needed to take witness depositions and acquire discovery outside the state where a lawsuit is filed, the process was time-consuming and burdensome. The Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) was proclaimed in 2007 to address that. In July 2010, the UIDDA in Delaware was adopted. This enables faster and more efficient service of a domesticated foreign subpoena to anyone outside the state.

The law recognizes two types of subpoenas: subpoenas ad testificandum (testimonial subpoenas) and subpoenas duces tecum (document subpoenas and subpoenas aimed at inspection of premises).

Testimonial subpoenas ask for the recipient to testify by answering previously outlined questions at a trial. On the other hand, document subpoenas (subpoenas duces tecum) ask for specific documents, designated books, or a permit for premise inspection from the respondent.

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The UIDDA Process

The presence of witnesses and other depositions depending on state lines outside the jurisdiction is mandatory in many legal trials. In such cases, lawyers are obliged to get in touch with a county clerk and secure a foreign subpoena. This procedure can urge individuals to testify or compel companies to provide valid information for the trial.

Nevertheless, the subpoena domestication process can often be long and complicated. As it includes two different jurisdictions, you will have to have various legislative acts in mind, as well as follow two distinct Rules of Civil Procedure.

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The UIDDA makes it more effective and less costly to depose individuals from out-of-state and to acquire discoverable evidence from outside the trial state. Under the UIDDA, a lawyer gets a subpoena issued by a court in the trial state. He presents this to a court clerk in the state where discoverable materials are sought.

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With the passing of the UIDDA, you can afford a streamlined way of gathering the necessary information for the advancement of a legal case. Forty-four states, including Delaware, recognize the UIDDA. This act allows litigators to manage vital aspects of their legal cases swiftly and with ease, such as acquiring evidence, deposing individuals, and asking for the presence of witnesses from other jurisdictions.

Submitting a request to the local court is necessary for domesticating a subpoena in the states that recognize the UIDDA. This application includes filing a petition and submitting certain documents to the court. For some cases, you will need an attorney to assist you with the formal petition.

Once they receive the foreign subpoena, the clerk of court will then issue a subpoena for service upon the person or entity to which the original subpoena is directed. The person or entity served must then comply with the request for production of documents or sworn testimony as if they had been served with a local subpoena. The UIDDA thus provides a streamlined process for obtaining information from out-of-state witnesses and sources.

All subpoenas include the name of the county where it is issued and the specific court, as well as indicate the name of the court, the title of the action, and the civil action number. Every recipient of a  subpoena is obliged to attend the trial and provide testimony or produce asked-for evidence, such as documents, designated books, and other tangible things relevant to the case.

In some cases, the command to be present at trial may arrive together with a permit inspection or a command to offer evidence. In others, they can be presented separately. Apart from the aforementioned basic information, the subpoena should also disclose the time and place of the testimony, inspection, or production as well as the requested documents in the case.

The Process of Domesticating a Foreign Subpoena in Delaware

The UIDDA domestication process applies to the service of out-of-state subpoena in Delaware. The method also applies to discovering a non-party witness located outside Delaware if the other jurisdiction has adopted the UIDDA.

A domesticated subpoena must contain all the terms in the foreign subpoena. It must also include all parties’ identities, addresses, contact numbers, and counsel related to the case.

Suppose the other jurisdiction has not yet adopted the UIDDA. In that case, a subpoena must be obtained following the rules of the subpoenaed party’s  jurisdiction. This means the lawyer must file a formal petition with the local court requesting it to issue a commission. In doing so, the lawyer must also submit related documents. A commission is a document that requires the witness to appear for a deposition (or to produce documents) in a foreign jurisdiction.

In some cases, a witness from out-of-state cannot be forced to testify or be deposed in Delaware. Suppose the witness does not live in Delaware and the lawyer wants to take the witness’s deposition. The lawyer must then obtain a subpoena from the court in the state where the witness resides. They may also request that the Delaware court issue a commission.

Subpoenas are written orders from an administrative agency or court that urges an individual to become a witness in a trial or give vital evidence. This makes subpoenas a time-sensitive matter. Attorneys are usually in urgent need of evidence and witnesses before their arranged court date.

In addition, serving a subpoena to a witness comes at certain costs. If you or your client were the one who requested the witness’s presence at court, you or your client is responsible for covering the witness’s travel costs.

Serve Index LLC has extensive experience in serving domesticated subpoenas in Delaware. Our professionals offer several legal support services, including:

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man holding documentsServing a Domesticated Foreign Subpoena

Once a domesticated foreign subpoena is issued, it can be served by a professional process server. The process of service must follow the rules of the state where the subpoena is to be served.

Once the subpoena is served, the process server accomplishes an Affidavit of Service.

Serving the subpoena to its intended recipient can also be done by the Sheriff or any other person who is of age and is not involved in the case in any way.  However, hiring a process server makes the process more efficient and helps ensure that documents are received on time.

It is crucial to work with a professional process server knowledgeable about all state and federal laws covering the serving of subpoenas. This will ensure that the process is fully compliant.

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Our process servers have years of experience in the field, so you can count on them to serve subpoenas in the recipient’s homes, workplaces, or any other of their common locations. Once you get in touch with a Delaware state clerk to reissue a subpoena, contact us to secure the evidence and witnesses your clients need.

Secure a Foreign Subpoena Efficiently

The process service experts at Serve Index LLC are trained to help all kinds of participants in court cases, from civilians and attorneys to law firms, courts, and corporations, with the procedure of securing subpoenas from other states. The professionals in our team know the Federal and State laws like the back of their hand, so they can serve subpoenas efficiently anywhere in the country, not just Delaware.

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Timely Subpoena Delivery

Basically, subpoenas are written orders from an administrative agency or state court that prompts an individual to get involved as a witness or evidence provider in a particular trial. As such, the delivery of subpoenas is limited by time: lawyers should collect their evidence and witnesses as soon as possible before the date of the trial.

When there is a need for subpoena documents or records for evidence, you should get in touch with the Delaware Clerk of Court in order to request the appropriate subpoena: either subpoena ad testificandum or subpoena duces tecum. While the clerk’s office will usually give you up to 48 hours before the trial date to file an application, it’s not recommended to wait until the last minute.

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  • Real-time email updates
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  • Three delivery attempts
  • Emailed copy of Affidavit of Service

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