A Guide to NY’s Roommate Eviction Process

In New York, 40% of adult renters live with a roommate, and there’s even a term for it: doubled-up households.

Considering the monthly rent for a typical NY apartment, many young adults are opting to take on a roommate to be able to afford rent easily.

Now, even though landlords don’t have anything against renting to roommates, things can get complicated when one of the roommates breaks the contract or fails to provide rent. In such cases, landlords can seek eviction for one of the roommates.

Continue reading to understand how to evict a roommate in New York and where to turn for trustworthy legal assistance.

What to Consider Before Resorting to Eviction

Any law-abiding citizen in New York would want to ensure all the precautions are taken before signing up for a renter’s lease. Both roommates and landlords would want to avoid resorting to eviction and being evicted, which is why both sides should be open to a couple of non-legal approaches to resolve an issue.

  • Timely communication is key: Landlords should have an honest talk to sort things out whenever they feel like the tenants aren’t fulfilling their obligations. Tenants, too, whenever they cannot deliver rent for whatever reason, should communicate with the landlord to set things straight and even buy them some time to collect rent.
  • Negotiate a custom payment plan: Should landlords feel as if their tenants are going out of their way to make rent each month, devising a custom-tailored payment plan can help both sides stay within the contract and curb eviction.

Moving Forward With Eviction the Right Way

Moving Forward With Eviction the Right WayWhen all non-legal aids and approaches have been exhausted, and tenants still cannot afford rent or comply with the tenant contract, eviction is the last resort. 

Many landlords in NYC are not well-versed in tenant-landlord legal obligations, so when eviction comes, they turn to legal professionals like Serve Index LLC to get the job done.

Making sure you’ve incorporated every legal aspect of eviction will make the eviction process bulletproof for the landlord, and the tenants (roommates) being evicted will not be able to contest.

  • Serve a Pay or Quit Notice: This type of notice is a written warning to tenants that they are violating the terms and conditions of the contract. The notice will provide the tenant with ways to revert the circumstance and abide by the lease’s requirements to avoid eviction;
  • Serve an Eviction Notice: If the tenant(s) still fail to abide by the lease’s requirements, then landlords can proceed with filing for an eviction. Tenants are served with an eviction notice and given a certain number of days to vacate the premises.

Trust Serve Index LLC to Handle the Roommate Eviction Process 

Since evicting someone can be unpleasant for everyone involved, a legal resolution is often necessary. We at Serve Index LLC understand the severity and sensitivity of the matter of eviction, which is why we will handle the issue with the utmost dedication and professionalism.

Entrust Serve Index LLC as one of New York’s top legal agencies to convey the eviction process, and leave it to the pros in our team to handle your case. Besides curating your landlord-tenants legal affairs, we can also help you with many other legal services like document retrieval, domesticating subpoenas, and process services.

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