How Process Servers Streamline Suits and Claims in NY

One big issue to legal clients is delay in litigation. This is mostly due to concerns about money. From a client’s perspective, long litigation equals a bigger bill. They will continue to see this as a problem considering that the median time from filing to disposition of civil cases in the U.S. increased from 26.3 months in 2014 to 27.7 months in 2019.

Lawyers can alleviate their clients’ financial woes by hiring process servers in New York. Even better if they partner with a third-party service provider like Serve Index LLC to streamline their legal services, especially for lawsuits and claims.

Let’s talk about how process servers like us can streamline litigation practice and help lawyers provide better-quality legal services to their clients.

Process of Service Greenlights Litigation

It remains that U.S. law requires defendants to be made aware when someone is filing a case against them, a sole task that process servers specialize in.

A successful process of service in New York gives the NY court jurisdiction over the parties and the case. Inversely, a suit or claim cannot commence without service of process or if “bad service” was performed.

Streamlining Litigation Practices in Law Firms

Serving legal papers soon after filing doesn’t guarantee that a case will go to court right away. Still, completing this requirement early on will give the courts fewer reasons to delay the trial date.

handshakeHere’s what a streamlined process in law practices would look like:

The client retains the services of an attorney.

The attorney puts together a claim or lawsuit based on the client’s grievance.

The attorney files the claim or suit with the NY Court.

Process servers with whom the attorney has a service contract will immediately serve the defendant/respondent with the legal documents.

After successfully serving the documents, the process server will file the Affidavit of Service with the Court.

The suit or case may now commence.

Considering that the statute of limitations for serving legal documents can be as short as 15 days and elusive defendants might take a while to find, lawyers want to avoid losing even just a day by getting the right people to carry out the task on day one.

Hiring process servers eliminates the risk of missed steps in the process or legal documents getting in the wrong hands.

Choose Serve Index LLC as Your Service Process Provider

Streamline your litigation practices by hiring Serve Index LLC as your third-party process servers. We are in the best position to help you become more efficient and improve the overall quality of your legal services.

We already have a large pool of licensed and experienced process servers, ready to cater to clients all over New York. No matter where in New York a defendant is from, our process servers can locate and serve them with legal papers properly. Swiftly and accurately – that’s how we work.

Keep your clients happy with a speedy process service by Serve Index LLC. Reach out to us via email or phone today. We’d be happy to help you take control of your legal requirements.

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