Domesticating a Foreign Subpoena in Florida

Placing a witness before a court is an evidence that holds the utmost importance. However, crimes and breaches of laws are not closed up within the borders of one state, meaning that they can also occur interstate. 

In those cases, calling a person who may be outside the borders where the trial is held can be more complex than simply summoning one living in the same state. In 2007, this was solved by enacting the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) which simplified this procedure. 

Even though Florida has its own subpoena form issued for a hearing or a trial, the process differs when receiving a foreign subpoena. 

The UIDDA in Florida

Before 2007, claimants that wanted to call an out-of-state witness had to find an attorney in that state and go through the state’s process for filing a subpoena. However, with the UIDDA, this has changed. Now, you only need to contact the court clerk to get a foreign subpoena domesticated. Then, they will issue a subpoena for service, which binds the individual to its requirements. 

Even though the process has been simplified, one can still face many obstacles, considering this procedure requires knowledge of both states’ laws. This is why it’s best to turn to a professional subpoena server.

At Serve Index LLC, we can domesticate your subpoena with skill and precision. Forty-seven states have adopted the UIDDA, including Florida (in 2019), making it easier to gather vital information and move your case forward.

Domesticating an Out-of-State Subpoena in Florida

Domesticating an Out-of-State Subpoena in FloridaUnder the UIDDA, all states that have adopted this Act can domesticate and request a foreign subpoena from each other. 

However, there are still states that have yet to adopt the Act. In those cases, the process would follow the regulations of the state where the witness resides.

All subpoenas must include the name of the county and court where it’s issued, the name of the action, the number of the civil case, and where the deposition will take place. 

Luckily, Serve Index LLC can take care of that for you. As part of our services, you can also get the following:

  • A calculation of the fees
  • Email updates
  • 3 delivery packages that you can choose from (standard service, rush service, same-day service)

Why Choose Serve Index LLC to assist with your Out-of-State Subpoena in Florida?

The process of domesticating a subpoena can be complex and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be when you work with Serve Index LLC.

We are a team of experienced process servers helping law firms, corporations, and civilians domesticate and serve out-of-state subpoenas in Florida. With a proven track record of successful process services, we are a legal support agency you can rely on.

Our subpoena domestication service includes:

  • Real-time email updates
  • Witness fee calculation
  • Three delivery attempts
  • Emailed copy of Affidavit of Service

Our process servers execute each job with precision, providing services aligned with industry standards. With experienced process servers from Serve Index LLC working for you, you can rest assured that all your needs will be met.

Let Professionals Take Care of Serving and Domesticating an Out-of-State Subpoena in Florida

Once you have a domesticated subpoena in Florida, you only need to have it served to the right address. Instead of filing the papers by yourself and risking making a mistake, let the experts at Serve Index LLC help you out.

Our professional servers have years of experience in the laws and regulations of this state. We can promptly and accurately deliver the subpoena, letting you focus on the trial at hand. 

Our reliable network of top-rated process servers are trained to meet your specific objectives and ensure 100% compliance with the law.

Call us today to learn more about our services, and let us help you speed up your case. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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