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When dealing with out-of-state subpoenas, team up with a domestication service provider like Serve Index LLC. We’re your partners in navigating the legal landscape. We handle your subpoena domestication with professionalism and precision, ensuring prompt and accurate serving of your documents.

Serving an Out-of-State Subpoena in Idaho

According to recent statistics, there are 77,381 civil cases filed in Idaho alone. In each of these files, the court requests a submission of evidence that would back up the plaintiff’s or defendant’s case. A witness’s statement is one of the key pieces of evidence that always gives additional importance to the claim.

Getting a witness becomes more complicated when a foreign subpoena has to be issued, meaning the witness lives in a different state.

Fortunately, the UIDDA was created in 2007, so now states can easily streamline important information to a legal proceeding. Keep reading below to learn more about the process and what is the easiest way to serve an out-of-state subpoena in Idaho.

The UIDDA in Idaho

In 2009, Idaho adopted the UIDDA and became one of the 47 states which allow an easier filing and serving of a foreign subpoena. Under this Act, you need to file the foreign subpoena to the court clerk, who will then issue a blank subpoena, sign it and seal it. However, Idaho subpoenas can only be issued with an order that allows copying or examining certain documents (electronic and physical) and a permit to examine one’s property. 

Who Can Serve a Foreign Subpoena in Idaho?

Who Can Serve a Foreign Subpoena in IdahoAnybody not part of the legal case, meaning that is not a party in that proceeding and above 18, can serve a foreign subpoena in Idaho. However, considering the complexity of the process, it’s better to turn to professionals with a long history of conducting the procedure. 

At Serve Index LLC, we have process servers that have several years of experience with domesticating and serving foreign subpoenas. In these cases, two jurisdictions need to be considered – the state where the legal process takes place and Idaho. 

Why Trust a Professional to File and Serve Your Out-of-State Subpoena in Idaho

Obtaining an out-of-state subpoena is easy in those states that have adopted the UIDDA. Once the request for a subpoena has been written, the process server will meet with the court clerk. After the clerk domesticates the foreign subpoena, it must be delivered to the right address. 

Here at Serve Index LLC, we ensure your legal case flows smoothly by providing prompt and quality service. We offer:

  • GPS tracking
  • 3 delivery packages (standard – 5-7 days; rush – 2 days; same-day)
  • Updates by email
  • A calculation of the fees you’ll need to pay

Work with Reliable Process Servers

When dealing with a legal proceeding, it’s best to focus on the case and not dwell on the small things. Subpoenaing a witness is essential, but it may cost you a lot of time – time that you can spend on your case. 

This is why it’s best to turn to preferred process servers at Serve Index LLC. We’ve built a reputation thanks to our punctual and precise service. Our team will treat your case with the utmost due diligence and efficiently domesticate your foreign subpoena in Idaho.

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