How to Serve an Out-of-State Subpoena on Snapchat

Imagine you’re an attorney working on a high-profile case and need to obtain crucial evidence from Snapchat. How do you serve a subpoena on Snapchat, a platform millions use daily? It can be a challenging task, considering the unique nature of digital communication and the complexities of jurisdictional boundaries.

The increasing prevalence of digital communication platforms like Snapchat has posed significant challenges for attorneys seeking to gather evidence. Navigating this landscape can be particularly daunting due to the inherent difficulties of gathering evidence from a platform known for its ephemeral nature and complex jurisdictional rules.

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, recognizes user privacy’s importance while working diligently to cooperate with law enforcement and governmental agencies. Understanding the legal procedures and protocols is crucial to ensure your subpoena is served correctly and compliance is met.

The Challenge of Obtaining Records from Snapchat

Obtaining records from snapchatSimilar to other digital platforms, attorneys often encounter hurdles when obtaining records from Snapchat. Serving an out-of-state subpoena on Snapchat can be a complex process, yet it remains crucial for attorneys and litigants seeking information relevant to their cases.

Whether the data is needed for discovery purposes or to uncover evidence about a potentially legal matter, there are various reasons why you may require the retrieval of records from Snapchat.

Snap Inc. imposes specific requirements for disclosing account records, necessitating valid legal processes. While out-of-state subpoenas are generally recognized as an acceptable form of legal process, Snapchat enforces specific rules and procedures that must be followed.

Your Guide to Serving Foreign Subpoenas on Snapchat

Before serving a subpoena on Snapchat, preparing the necessary documentation is essential. Begin by consulting your jurisdiction’s laws and regulations to determine the requirements for out-of-state subpoenas. 

Obtain the required forms, ensuring they are correctly completed and include all relevant information. This consists of the Snapchat username or other identifiers associated with the account, specific data or content requested, and the purpose of the subpoena.

Engaging the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) Process

Non-U.S. law enforcement and governmental agencies typically rely on the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) process for out-of-state subpoenas involving Snapchat. The MLAT facilitates cooperation between countries in obtaining evidence or information from one jurisdiction to another. 

Understanding the MLAT requirements and procedures specific to your country is crucial. As a courtesy, Snap may review and respond to properly submitted preservation requests while the MLAT process is undertaken.

Preservation requests are a proactive measure to prevent potential evidence loss or tampering. They are particularly valuable in cases where time is of the essence or when there is a risk of data being deleted due to auto-deletion settings or other factors.

To initiate a preservation request, follow the guidelines provided by Snap Inc. and submit the necessary information and documentation promptly. Provide specific details regarding the account, the desired data or content, and the purpose of the preservation request.

Contacting Snap Inc. for Assistance

For serving an out-of-state subpoena on Snapchat, contact Snap Inc. directly through their designated channels. Law enforcement officials can submit legal process and preservation requests via the Law Enforcement Service Site (LESS) portal

Creating an account on LESS is recommended to facilitate requests and track their status. For general questions or preservation requests, law enforcement can also contact Snap Inc. via email at

Simplify Out-of-State Subpoena Service with Serve Index LLC

Serving an out-of-state subpoena on Snapchat requires careful attention to legal requirements and adherence to specific processes. By understanding the guidelines provided by Snap Inc. and working with a trusted process server agency, you can confidently navigate this complex landscape. 

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