Industries That Benefit From New York Skip Tracers

Skip tracing is the act of locating evasive individuals who have neglected to pay their debts or fulfill other obligations.

Many cases involve people who are behind on their credit card dues, rent payments, and monthly mortgage. But skip tracing isn’t limited to these scenarios.

It’s also essential for serious matters like criminal investigations or even divorce investigations (e.g., a spouse fails to honor his or her obligations for child support). Some people go into hiding and fail to respond to court summons.

This is where skip tracing comes in to pinpoint their exact location and bring a case to court as quickly as possible. As a professional service of process agency, our skip tracers are highly skilled and experienced in this line of work.

Industries That Benefit From Skip Tracing in New York

Clients who frequently seek skip tracing services are comprised of various companies — usually from the financial and legal industries.

Banks and financial institutions hire skip tracers to track down debtors. Retailers need skip tracers to ensure payment from non-compliant consumers. When law firms require a certain witness or defendant whose location is unknown, skip tracers find their whereabouts so they can be served their summons or notices legally.

Without skip tracing, people who evade their obligations can avoid the necessary penalties. This can be quite inconvenient for businesses that are trying to ensure prompt payment for products or services. It’s not an exaggeration to say that some fail to meet revenue targets and go bankrupt.

Additionally, a case cannot proceed if respondents are not officially served notice of summons. And if there are any violations in the rules that govern process serving, courts may have the case dismissed without prejudice.

How Serve Index LLC Conducts Skip Tracing

Calculating debt

Our skip tracers at Serve Index LLC are specially trained to track and find even the most stubborn and elusive people. We apply a host of investigative skills and tools to help you move on with your case.

For instance, we do basic background checks which involve going through public records from schools and companies. Property records from the county recorder’s office are also scoured. We also check the last update from someone’s social media accounts. Then, we approach the neighbors, roommates or colleagues of an evasive individual to look for strong leads.

For situations where a respondent is not actually attempting to hide, our skip tracing services will also prove invaluable. You may find it difficult — let alone have the time — to conduct a basic search about someone’s current contact information. After all, people frequently change jobs and addresses all the time.

Professional skip tracers add value by expediting the process for you. We can quickly request information from the Department of Motor Vehicles and postal office without any impediments. As a professional process server, our information request is considered permissible to use under privacy protection laws.

Accurately Track a Respondent

If you need to locate someone as quickly and accurately as possible, look no further than Serve Index LLC’s skip tracing services. As soon as you make a request, we can begin our search and typically have the necessary data within a matter of minutes.

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