How to Get a Certified Divorce Decree in New York

Whether your divorce was amicable or contentious, at the end of the proceeding, a New York judge will issue a final judgment often referred to as a “Divorce Decree.” This is a certified document which contains all the terms of your case, which might include child custody, child support, and property division.

Usually, both spouses receive certified copies of the decree, some even give their lawyers another copy just to be sure that it’s kept in a safe place. That said, documents can be misplaced from time to time. Many assume that they can just keep several photocopies, but that won’t work.

Why Does It Need to Be Certified?

All certified legal documents (including divorce decrees) are just photocopies of the original document. But, unlike the ones you printed at home, those you get from courts have been verified by officers who have the original document. When they certify the file, it means that they attest that the new copy is an accurate reproduction of the original.

The state of New York also doesn’t allow notaries to copy certification. A copy can only be certified if it was made from the original document, which the court custodian has.

Are Divorce Decrees Really Important?

There are instances when people think that they’re divorced when they’re not. This usually happens with uncontested ones where the other party would fail to file a response to the divorce, particularly when it has been settled beforehand.

A copy of certified divorce decree serves as a proof that the divorce agreement was legally binding. Remember, it also contains all the terms of your divorce, having a tangible copy can make them enforceable.

How Do I Get a New Copy?

copies of a divorce decreeRequesting a divorce decree in New York can be a long process, and you’ll usually have to visit the court where the divorce was heard in person. You’ll also have to bring a plethora of requirements like your IDs, divorce case number to name a few.

There’s really no set turnaround time for requests like this because the custodian will still have to look for your file. The older your divorce is, the longer you might have to wait. If the search is more extensive than expected, you might also be charged extra.

While doing this in person is doable, it can be tedious and time consuming. An easier way to go about it is by letting experienced document retrievers in New York handle everything for you.

Get Certified Court Documents with Ease

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