How to Get an Exemplified Copy of a Document from a New York Court

Certified legal documents are useful for meeting documentary requirements. Sometimes, however, you need something with a bit more weight in the eyes of law. You might need to obtain an exemplified copy of your legal documents.

What Is an Exemplified Copy?

An exemplified copy of a document is an official copy or a transcript of a document that comes from or has been filed at the County Clerk’s office. This copy will have the signature of the clerk, along with an official seal or stamp. These signify that it is authentic and was obtained from the County Clerk’s office. The copy will also bear the signature of a judge, which verifies the County Clerk’s authority to declare the copy as authentic.

Documents like judgments, court pleadings, wills, custody orders, and divorce decrees may be exemplified.

The Purpose of Exemplified Copies of Legal Documents

Exemplification carries more weight than certification. For lawsuits filed in other countries, for example, the foreign courts may require exemplified copies of certain documents before it will recognize or act on their contents.

Here is a more detailed example. A couple divorced, and the wife gained sole custody of the children after winning her domestic abuse suit against her ex-husband. She relocates to another state to start a new life with her kids. The husband, who objects to her decision to take the children away, accuses his ex-wife of abduction and files a case in the new state. She responds to the lawsuit by providing an exemplified copy of the custody order and the court judgment on the domestic abuse case from the county clerk of her previous home state.

signing a legal documentHow Do I Obtain Exemplified Copies of Legal Documents?

The process of getting exemplified copies of documents can be made easier by process servers. Instead of going to the county clerk yourself, you can call Serve Index LLC and our runners will process the request on your behalf.

Step 1: Call Serve Index LLC and provide the details of your request.

Step 2: Serve Index LLC runners will visit the right county clerk and request the exemplified copies of specific documents.

Step 3: We will pay the $25 exemplification fee plus the additional certification fee of $8 to $10.

Step 4: Give the county clerk’s office 48-72 hours to find the original document and produce an exemplified copy of it.

Step 5: Once the copies are ready, our document retrieval service kicks in.

Document Retrieval Professionals at Your Service

If you need to get hold of the exemplified copies of your legal documents as quickly as possible, call Serve Index LLC.

We take extra care and diligence in obtaining exemplified documents from NY county clerks. We make sure that requirements are complete and accurate before we submit them to the county clerk. This is to ensure that there will be no delays in finding the legal document you requested.

In case the county clerk is taking too long to finish, our process servers continuously follow-up on the progress of the request for exemplification. We do this to expedite the process and ensure that we get the exemplified copies as quickly as possible.

Learn more about our document retrieval services, especially for exemplified documents. Call us at 1 888 994 6339 or fill out our contact form to get in touch.

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