The Advantages of Working with a Process Server in Serving an OSC

The function of an Order to Show Cause (OSC) is similar to that of a motion, but it is used more often in time-sensitive situations. An OSC can get you into court faster than a motion, prompting action on urgent matters such as stopping the sale of a home, halting an eviction, or freezing assets.

An OSC tells the court and the other party what the moving side, the “movant,” wants the judge to do. If the judge signs the OSC, they select the court date for the show cause hearing and fills it in on the OSC. The judge also fills in how the OSC should be delivered to the other party.

The OSC, therefore, needs to be served promptly to the recipient. This is where Serve Index LLC comes in — we remove the burden off of your shoulders and take care of delivering it in the manner directed by the judge.

Ensure Timely Serving

The OSC is an extremely time-sensitive court order. In fact, some movants choose an OSC over a motion because it can ask the court for immediate help. It also shortens the required notice time to other parties.

So it’s imperative that the respondent receives the OSC immediately. The respondent now has the opportunity to dispute the allegations being made and explain their side. They have the chance to either agree or disagree with the request of the order. Failure to respond to a court-issued order to show cause can lead to hefty penalties.

An OSC process servicing company in NYC  takes care of timely serving for you. You do not have to worry about complying with the judge’s explicit orders or locating the respondent. You have the peace of mind that the OSC will make its way to the respondent, so you can proceed with your legal matter.

Meet the Law Requirements in New York City

Unlike subpoenas, OSCs are served in the manner specified by the judge. As such, the delivery of an OSC differs from case to case.

Having served countless OSCs, Serve Index LLC has mastered how to promptly serve the court document. We review the specifications of the judge and comply with them strictly. We understand that, if the legal document is not delivered in the correct manner, the course of the case is altered significantly.

You can rest assured that you steer clear of court order violations. We can also advise you on your legal obligations concerning the OSC.

Once the service has been made, we complete an Affidavit of Service of Order to Show Cause and sign it in front of a notary public.                                                                   

Neutral Third Parties

In New York, a party involved in the case can never serve legal papers like OSCs, unless the judge permits it. The person serving the paper should also be 18 years old or over. The guidelines also stipulate that an unlicensed process server isn’t allowed to serve more than five papers a year.

If you work with a licensed process server, you don’t have to worry about finding an individual who meets all these credentials. Serve Index LLC is a neutral third party whose duties include serving the OSC. In addition to meeting all legal requirements, we help maintain the privacy of both the respondent and the movant.

Through the years, Serve Index LLC has gained the trust of countless law firms and attorneys across the city, thanks to our diligent and timely OSC process servicing. Work with us today. Contact us for a free quotation for OSC serving.


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