Our Brooklyn Process Servers: Skip Tracing Methods

Are you trying to locate someone for court-related documents? You may have heard of skip tracing, an investigative process to track their whereabouts and uncover contact information. 

At Serve Index LLC, our Brooklyn process servers specialize in providing legal services involving skip tracing. Our team of experienced professionals is handpicked to ensure that all court papers, legal documents, and other service of process needs are timely and effective. 

We’re knowledgeable in skip tracing techniques, making it easier to find a person even if the initial address is only partially known. Our tried and tested methods ensure that your case is handled as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Read on to learn more about skip tracing.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing involves locating a person who has gone missing, moved without leaving a forwarding address, or whose contact information is not up to date. It’s often used by law enforcement and debt collectors to locate individuals for legal proceedings or recovery of debts.

Why is Skip Tracing Necessary?

Skip tracing is a crucial tool for businesses and individuals alike because it can help locate people who may have gone off the grid entirely. Someone might disappear for various reasons, but expecting truth and justice makes it essential to track them down. 

Whether it’s to pay back a loan, collect unpaid debts, or reunite family members with one another, skip tracing provides an invaluable service by helping individuals remain accountable.

Who Needs Skip Tracing?

lawyer and clientSkip tracing services are utilized by many organizations, including law enforcement, debt collection agencies, private investigators, bail bond companies, and attorneys. 

Businesses such as banks, insurance companies, landlords, and employers also benefit from skip tracing services to ensure their customers or employees are not hiding anything that could damage the company’s reputation. 

In addition, process servers often use skip tracing to locate individuals who have been served with legal documents but are avoiding service of process or attempting to evade court proceedings. 

Skip Tracing Methods

Brooklyn process servers like Serve Index LLC use several reliable methods to track an individual.

Public Records

These include databases such as utility companies, telephone directories, voter registration lists, property records, court, and criminal records, and motor vehicle records. 

Social media

Process servers also utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to find leads or contact information for a person.

Connections and Software

The process servers can also tap into professional networks and use skip tracing software to cross-reference data points to create a more detailed profile of the missing person. This helps them pinpoint an individual’s location or whereabouts with greater accuracy. 

Process servers may even hire local investigators, if needed, to locate someone who has gone off the grid.

Our Process

Time is of the essence when it comes to skip tracing. The individuals that skip tracers locate usually have to make a court appearance on a specific date, reply to a summons within a limited period, or pay overdue debts. 

Each day they’re not located could lead to costly consequences, so skip tracers need to find the person as quickly as possible. At Serve Index LLC, our skip tracing method is straightforward.

Clients contact our skip tracers and provide information on the missing person’s last known location and other details that could help locate them (e.g., job history, current employment, police records, utility billing statements, travel history).

Our skip tracers will work with all available information and use resources and connections to find the skip. We also search national databases accessible to the public. We do not break laws or use illegal methods to acquire information.

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