The Benefits of Working with a Process Server in Serving a Probate Citation

When an executor files for a probate petition, all the distributees must be served with a probate citation. This gives the Surrogate’s Court jurisdiction over them and provides them with the opportunity to object to a decedent’s will.

The probate citation is an extremely time-sensitive document. As a reputable process servicing agency in NYC, Serve Index LLC ensures that your probate citations would be delivered to the heirs in a timely fashion.

Ensure Concerned Parties Are Notified

The probate citation states that the parties should appear in Surrogate’s Court on a particular date and time. The document also allows them to inform the court of any objection to the validity of the decedent’s will.

It is vital, therefore, that the distributees receive the document on time. If the party that received the citation fails to appear, their right to file objections is forfeited; the court deems that they consent to the will being admitted to probate. Moreover, the probate petition contains the names of all the individuals who have an interest in the matter. If these individuals do not receive proper notice of the case, the will cannot have a valid adjudication.

When you work with Serve Index LLC, you can rest assured that all distributees are informed that they are a necessary party to the probate hearing.

Keep Legal Matters Simple

Failure to serve the probate citation opens legal proceedings that complicate the execution of the will. For instance, if a distributee claims that he or she did not receive a copy of the probate citation due to mixed up addresses, the Surrogate might decide that a hearing be held to review the circumstances of the service. This could possibly reinstate the right of the distributee to file objections.

We understand that this is a difficult time for your clients, which is why we avoid complicating matters even further. We give our best efforts to locate the distributees and serve them the probate citation. Our work is thorough, so there won’t be any doubt that the citation will be delivered to the right individual, at the right place, at the right time.

Ensure Timely Delivery

If a distributee does not appear on the date specified in the citation, the Surrogate Court deems this as consent to admit the will to probate. As such, it is imperative that the distributee is served with the citation a reasonable amount of time before the court appearance. This is so they can properly prepare to advise the court of any objections.

Serve Index LLC ensures timely delivery of the probate citation to keep probate proceedings as smooth as possible. As a neutral, third-party entity, we uphold fairness in all legal matters. The prompt serving of probate citations affords the distributees with adequate time to prepare.

Make This Difficult Time Easier

Our main function is to take the burden of serving probation citations off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on more pressing legal matters, such as will challenges and jurisdiction problems. By passing this duty to us, you are better placed to attend to your clients during this difficult time.

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