Process Servers’ Role in Collecting Debt

Debt is a daily struggle for many people. In 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs’ Office of Financial Empowerment found that 58 percent of New Yorkers say they lack the funds to cover three months’ worth of expenses. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York also reported that the total household debt increased by $206 billion at the end of 2020.

Given these numbers, the odds of dealing with delinquent borrowers are looking high. If your client is going through this problem, our New York process servers can help you expedite the debt collection process.

What Happens When Your Client Wants to Collect Overdue Debts

Many delinquent payors can be evasive while aggressively stressing their right to not be subjected to harassment. However, laws that protect the creditors’ interests also exist, and you can use due process to your advantage.

Producers and service providers that are owed money can:

  • Suspend their services (e.g., gas, electricity, Internet service, mobile phone line)
  • Evict the debtor from their property (e.g., apartments, commercial spaces)
  • Repossess or claim the property the debtor put up as collateral (e.g., bank loans, mortgage)
  • Sue their delinquent customers and demand payment through a court order (e.g., credit card companies, hospitals)

If your client wants to demand payment from their customers, a lawsuit would be their next course of action. But as with any civil case, their lawsuit can only proceed after the debtors have been served.

How Process Servers Benefit Debt Collection

paying debtThere are two ways that process servers can help creditors in New York recover the money owed by delinquent customers or debtors:

1. Find debtors who are evading collection.

Most customers and service subscribers pay just the minimum when they receive a notice for delayed payment. They don’t want to accrue more fees for delayed payment or have the company escalate their account to debt collectors. But for some who have no money at all, evading payment would appear like the only choice.

Process servers do not only perform the process of service but are also adept at skip tracing. This is a skill honed by years of experience, and we have many process servers who have been locating evasive recipients and serving legal papers in New York for years. If you’re trying to reach debtors who are nowhere to be found, Serve Index LLC can help you out.

2. Serve debtors with legal papers so that the legal process can commence.

Besides finding the whereabouts of debtors who’re avoiding debt collection, our skip tracers also assess when and where would be the best time to serve papers such that the recipient will not flee or cause a scene.

Strategy is important because it prevents mistakes in the service process. Process servers must follow the prescribed steps in serving papers for the court to recognize the service as valid. Otherwise, if it is proven that there was “bad service,” your client’s lawsuit can be dismissed without prejudice.

Flawless Process of Service and Reliable Skip Tracing by Serve Index LLC

Whether your client is dealing with an elusive debtor or planning to bring a delinquent customer to court, our process servers at Serve Index LLC can be of service.

Please your client by hiring our professional process servers to locate and serve papers to their debtors. Inquire now.

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