Professional Court Filing Service in NY: Why It Matters

When preparing for a court case, you need to consider many matters, including ensuring that your court papers are filed correctly. Legal issues typically require a lot of documentation that used to require a physical presence when handing them. Today, NY courts state that around 4.3 million cases use the New York Courts Electronic Filing system.

Nonetheless, sending your documentation leaves no room for mistakes. To be at ease with yourself and be sure you are taking every right step, there are court filing services to help you. 

Keep reading to see the importance of court filing services in NY.

What Are Court Filing Services?

During a legal proceeding, law firms are required to file documents on their clients’ behalf. In some previous times, this had to be done in person and with documents carrying original signatures. Today, there are many acceptable ways to file documents without you being physically present. 

One of these is professional court filing services. Professional process service in NYC can do the job for you on time and with due diligence, giving you peace of mind. 

Benefits of Professional Court Filing Services

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Hiring professional court filing services to do the job promptly and adequately will save you from any potentially stressful situations. Here are some of the benefits of hiring court filing services. 

Managing Papers

The client provides digital copies of legal documents to experts who proceed to process them. The papers will be printed, assembled, reviewed, and delivered for filing to the court on your behalf. This way, you will not only save money but time as well.

No More Waiting

Many courts have accepted e-filing, and many court filing services have started working that way, too. Electronic filing provides a trace of your documents from the moment they leave your office and trace it till it reaches the final destination or the court. 

New York court filings services will also inform you when the papers are submitted in court.

Double Checking

Hiring just a court runner is not enough. They don’t check the papers to make sure you haven’t forgotten to sign the documents or added the wrong case number. All they will do is take the envelope and pass it along. So if some information is incorrect, you will miss deadlines.

This is where expert filing services can be of help. They catch those potentially costly mistakes and make sure the final versions of the legal documents are spotless.

Find a Reliable Professional Court Filing Service

Serve Index LLC is a professional court filing service provider in New York that can do the job so you don’t have to. Whether it’s in-person or electronic court filing, we offer professional and expedient services.

Get in touch with us via email at or call 1-888-994-6339 (Toll-Free) to find out what we can do for you. Save yourself the hassle of organizing and filing papers through court runners or spending endless hours at the court windows — our team has got you covered!

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