Service of Process on the New York Secretary of State

A registered agent is someone who receives official legal documents including notices, subpoenas, wage garnishments, and lawsuit papers on behalf of an individual or company.

By default, The Secretary of State is the statutory agent for service of process on domestic (formed in New York) and foreign (formed in jurisdictions outside of New York) business entities.

Anyone who wishes to serve process on corporations, limited liability partnerships (LLP), limited liability companies (LLC), or limited partnerships must complete service of process on the Secretary of State.

Service of Process for Business Entities

When it comes to legal proceedings, the service of process is a critical step to notify individuals and entities about a lawsuit filed against them. Let’s delve into three scenarios related to service of process on the New York Secretary of State for business entities: serving a domestic or authorized foreign entity, serving as an agent, and serving an unauthorized foreign or suspended business entity.

Service of Process upon a Domestic or Authorized Foreign Entity

When a lawsuit is filed against a business that operates within a specific area (called a domestic entity) or a company registered to operate there but incorporated elsewhere (an authorized foreign entity), it’s important to follow certain legal rules when giving them legal documents like summonses and complaints. 

You must give those documents to the right person at the organization, called the registered agent, who’s the one responsible for handling legal notices. Following local New York regulations when giving those papers is paramount to do everything by the book.

Service of Process as Agent of a Domestic or Authorized Foreign

In certain cases, a legal representative may be designated as an agent for receiving service of process on behalf of a domestic or authorized foreign entity. This typically happens by way of appointment through a power of attorney or contractual agreement. 

For the best results, the appointed agent must have the requisite legal authority to receive legal documents and communicate them to the entity involved. It is vital for all parties to fully comprehend their respective roles and responsibilities throughout the process.

Service of Process upon an Unauthorized Foreign or Suspended Business Entity

“Unauthorized foreign entity” pertains to unregistered, non-authorized business operations within the jurisdiction – a “suspended entity,” contrastingly, has had its legal status withdrawn. 

Alternate methods of service may be necessary in such cases, including publishing notices in a newspaper or mailing to the previous known address, aiming to provide notice to the entity even if it is non-operational or has lost its legal standing.

It is crucial to consult with a process server in NYC that is experienced in service of process to ensure compliance with specific jurisdictional requirements and to navigate the complexities involved in serving these types of entities.

Delivering service of process to the NY Secretary of State

Correctly identify the entity to be served

Any legal proceeding begins with a successful process of service, so you need to ensure that all documentation reaches the right people at the right time.

With more than a million domestic and foreign business entities registered with the Department of State (DOS), there’s always the possibility of serving the wrong company. Names can get mixed up especially when the name of the company you’re trying to serve sounds similar or is identical to other entities.

A simple case of mistaken identity can forfeit your case and invalidate prior judgments that ruled in your favor. The process server is responsible for verifying the correct entity with the DOS to ensure legal papers are delivered to the intended recipient.

Obtain the DOS search page

Once the process server identifies the correct business entity that has to be served, DOS will provide the “Current Status Information” or the Search Page of the intended recipient. Process servers with access to the DOS database may print their own copies of the Search Page.

writing Complete a Service of Process Cover Sheet

The process server fills out the Service of Process Cover Sheet, which contains the following details:

  • complete name of the entity to be served
  • basic information of the Process Server
  • the section of law under which service is being made
  • the manner in which the applicable fee is being paid

Deliver complete documents

Two duplicate copies of the process along with the Search Page and Service Process Cover Sheet will be hand-delivered by the process server to the office of the DOS at One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York. Applicable fees must also be paid to authorized personnel.

If documents are found to be altered, incomplete, or not duplicate copies, the service will be invalid. This will apply even if DOS fails to notice the error and “accepts” the service.

DOS will presume that the intended recipient is the name that appears in the provided DOS Search page, even if it is different from the name indicated in the Service of Process Cover Sheet. DOS then mails one copy of the process to the address provided by the defendant.

Work with reputable NY process servers

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