How to Serve an Out-of-State Subpoena in Kentucky

Statistical evidence has proven essential to solving cases for many decades now. This kind of evidence was not accepted in US courts until the beginning of the 60s. But as we can see now, opposing sides extensively rely on this information to clear their client of guilt.

Statistics are not the sole data presented in court, though. A witness is an additional crucial piece of evidence. Although contacting someone who resides in the same state as the hearing is simple, the circumstance is unique when the court seeks an individual who is located out of state.

An international subpoena should be issued under those circumstances. Even though the procedure could seem difficult, it can be simply resolved by working with Kentucky service experts.

In this article, let us have a look at the information that everyone needs to understand regarding the UIDDA and serving an out-of-state subpoena in Kentucky.

The UIDDA in Kentucky

Thankfully, Kentucky has ratified the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, or UIDDA, joining the other US states that have done so. This Act streamlines the existing procedure for subpoenaing someone in Kentucky.

The claimant must now submit the subpoena to the court clerk, who will then issue it in accordance with the terms of the foreign subpoena and the Kentucky Rules of Civil Procedure.

It is crucial to note that issuing a foreign subpoena does not indicate that the individual needs to appear before the court.

In better terms, when a claimant asks for a foreign subpoena in Kentucky, the UIDDA and Kentucky laws specify that the court can choose to enforce it, dismiss it, modify it, counter-issue a protective order, or sanction the attorney who asked for the subpoena in the first place if it goes against the regulations in the Kentucky Rules of Civil Procedure.

The individual cannot be legally obligated to comply with the demands of a foreign subpoena until the court has upheld it or in some other manner determined its approval.

Who Can Serve an Out-of-State Subpoena in Kentucky?

Out-of-State Subpoena in Kentucky

Anyone qualified to serve a summons in this state is likewise qualified to serve a subpoena. Typically, that would be the constable or county sheriff in the area where the person being summoned resides. Individual service providers might, nevertheless, also assist in hastening the completion of the subpoena procedure.

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No matter how difficult it may be, gathering the right evidence is essential if you wish to win a case. Therefore, turning to a knowledgeable service firm is the best course of action when it concerns an out-of-state or foreign subpoena domestication in Kentucky.

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