What To Do About Evasive Defendants in New York

When you take legal action, you have to notify the individual or business involved. You can do this by hiring one of the 15,000 to 20,000 full-time and part-time process servers to deliver the documents.

The documents need to be delivered the correct way, abiding by each state’s rules, and successfully reach the defendant. This sounds simple, but the latter part can be tricky.

The legal process is complex for various reasons, and in some cases, it’s made difficult from the very start. Some defendants may be hard to locate. Or they could be purposefully evading the process service. This is when a stakeout service can become necessary.

Let’s find out what a stakeout service is and how it works.

Who Can Serve Legal Papers

Any adult or organization listed in a legal case must be served a set of papers. If you’re the one filing the case, you cannot serve the documents yourself. However, papers may be delivered by anyone over the age of 18. You can employ the services of a professional process server to ensure efficient service.

What Happens When a Subject is Evasive

Some people go to the extremes to avoid getting served legal documents. There are plenty of stories of emotional or violent outbursts toward process servers. There are some who simply run away or flee before process servers can reach them. This is one reason it’s better to employ the service of a professional agency rather than relying on anyone else to deliver papers.

Another reason is that sometimes defendants will go to great lengths to avoid being served. In this event, a process server would perform a stakeout.

Private investigator on a stakeout is photographing the situation to document the events.What’s a Stakeout?

A stakeout involves surveilling a location and waiting for an individual to arrive. In our case, this is all for the purpose of intercepting them and serving them the legal papers. A stakeout takes hours to sum up. During this time, the process server has to remain vigilant.

To ensure success, a server will get details on the defendant beforehand and ask for their description or picture, an address, a car model, etc. Process servers will also do their research to locate the subject.

Once the individual is located, they can be intercepted, verified, and served in an appropriate manner.

Why It’s Best To Use a Process Service Agency

Although a lot of people can technically serve legal documents, it’s always best to hire experienced professionals. For one, if papers aren’t served correctly, a judge may have grounds to dismiss your case.

Moreover, you could always find yourself having to serve a difficult subject and needing stakeout services.

Serve Index LLC is a reliable process server agency that can help you deliver documents even in extreme cases. Be it delivering papers to a former spouse, a business party, or anyone else, our stakeout service in NYC is managed with utmost professionalism. We can guarantee timeliness and efficiency.

To make the most of the stakeout services we offer. Reach out to our team and learn more.

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