Serving an Out-of-State Subpoena in Arizona

The latest statistics reports indicate that civil filings in the US District Courts have increased by 39% and reached 461,478. With this giant leap in mind, it is clear that the need for interstate regulation and summoning witnesses is significant. 

Luckily, the UIDDA is there to help solve this issue. Arizona was one of the first states to adopt this Act in 2007. 

How Does the UIDDA in Arizona Work?

The UIDDA allows states to easily request a subpoena for an individual or entity deemed to hold vital information for the claimant’s legal proceeding. It streamlines the subpoena request and issuing procedure so that the legal case is not impeded. In the states where the UIDDA is implemented, the claimant files for a subpoena with the court clerk. 

Today, 47 states have adopted the UIDDA, meaning a foreign subpoena can be easily domesticated in any of them. However, a problem can occur in those states that have yet to adopt the Act. In these cases, summoning an individual who lives out of state will require heeding the laws of the state where the trial and depository will be held.

Domesticating a Foreign Subpoena in Arizona

Domesticating a Foreign Subpoena in ArizonaDomesticating a foreign subpoena in Arizona is much simpler now than before. However, considering two jurisdictions require navigation, it can pose an issue and slow the legal procedure.

Serve Index LLC has a team of reliable subpoena servers ready to help any individual or firm with domesticating or serving an out-of-state subpoena. 

To fully domesticate a foreign subpoena in Arizona, you must follow the UIDDA and the laws of Arizona. Once the clerk has issued the subpoena or service, the next and final step is to deliver it to the subpoenaed individual. The subpoena itself needs to contain all required information, like the court and county that issues it and the civil case number.

Why Hire a Professional Process Server To Domesticate and Serve Your Out-Of-State Subpoena in Arizona

Once you have domesticated the subpoena in Arizona, you only need to send it to the subpoenaed individual or entity. And for this, it’s best to use a trusted process service company that can get the job done quickly and securely. 

At Serve Index LLC, our team works with due diligence on every case, allowing you to focus on the legal matter at hand. Domestication of a foreign subpoena is needed so that the initial document can be enforced outside of the state where it was issued. And this, of course, requires more expenses. 

In our company, we also offer the following:

  • Calculation of the witness fees
  • 3 choices for a speedy delivery (standard – 5-7 days; rush – 48 hours; same-day)
  • GPS tracking
  • Email updates

Let the Experts at Serve Index LLC Help Domesticate your Out-of-State Subpeona

If you need a trustworthy service to help you through the process of filing or domesticating a foreign subpoena, Serve Index LLC is at your service. We offer various legal support services – from skip tracing to court filings. 

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