A Guide to Serving Legal Papers to New York’s Department of Financial Services

The New York Department of Financial Services’ many responsibilities include monitoring and controlling all facets of financial services and products, including those that are pertinent to New York’s insurance and banking regulations. The Department is divided into five major groups: 

  • Department of Banking
  • Financial Fraud Division
  • Real Estates Division
  • Capital Markets Division
  • Insurance Division

 The Financial Services Law created the FFCPD to protect and educate consumers of financial products and services, and to stop financial fraud. The FFCPD investigates and brings compliance proceedings when necessary. 

Serving Legal Papers to the NYDFS’ Superintendent

A Guide to Serving Legal Papers

Documents used to start a lawsuit are typically included in the process service, and the defendant is notified in writing to appear in court or to answer. If all statutory and regulatory requirements are met, process servers can be successful. 

The Superintendent of Financial Services must receive two copies of the required paperwork in person, along with a US$2 cheque. The superintendent plays a crucial role in running the Department of Financial Services, which supervises and controls the state’s banks, insurance firms, and other financial organizations.

Serving Out-of-State Corporations

A must-out-state trust corporation must submit the required paperwork to the Department of Financial Services to conduct non-testamentary trust transactions in New York. 

A brief business plan outlining the proposed organization, the consumer group it represents, the names and occupations of the incorporators, the title and qualifications of the chief executive officer, and the planned capitalization should be included in the summary. 

Financial forecasting information can also be expanded. US banks with headquarters in New York State must be served directly.

Proof of Service Requirements

Financial Services

The process of serving papers in New York is typically finished ten days after the documents are submitted to the court clerk, and the validity of the service is unaffected by a reluctance to sign a return receipt or accept a delivery by registered mail. 

Any foreign banking corporation that rejects such a registered letter would be held accountable for knowing its contents.

Serving Papers Under the Insurance Law

The Superintendent may be served with a legal process by an insurance corporation, fraternal benefit society, risk retention party, or unregistered or unlicensed corporation in relation to a contract delivered or released for delivery, or in consideration of an action taking place in New York. 

Foreign or alien fraternal benefit societies may only be served by a New York process, while qualified buying groups or registered life settlement providers may serve documents and processes. 

Insurance dealers, vendors, and health maintenance associations are not recognized as subject to process service under the Insurance Law.

Competent Process Servers in New York

Serving legal documents can be a challenging process with a number of prerequisites, but it’s needed to comply with state and federal laws. Because of the complexity, it is advisable to leave the process serving in the hands of reputable process servers like Serve Index LLC. 

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