How to Serve an Out-of-State Subpoena on Uber

Securing information from private companies outside your jurisdiction can be complex, requiring a deep understanding of inter-state and international legal protocols. 

The challenge intensifies when dealing with digital entities like Uber Technologies, Inc., whose operations are highly decentralized and span numerous geographical boundaries. A subpoena is typically the legal tool employed to obtain such information. 

However, when the entity is based out-of-state or overseas, fulfilling a subpoena involves navigating legal nuances and understanding the jurisdiction rules where the entity is headquartered or where its data servers are located.

Possible Reasons to Serve a Subpoena on Uber

The following are some reasons why you may need to serve a subpoena to access information from the ride-sharing app:

  • Obtaining evidence or documents for an ongoing legal case
  • Investigating alleged violations of consumer protection laws or other regulations
  • Seeking records that can prove the liability of Uber in a claim or lawsuit

Serve an Out-of-State Subpoena on UberServing Out-of-State or Foreign Subpoenas on Uber Technologies, Inc.

Are you trying to serve a subpoena from another state on Uber Technologies, Inc.? Before proceeding, it is important to understand the process involved with serving foreign subpoenas. Uber is based in California, and In most cases, if you are trying to serve a subpoena from another state, it must first be domesticated with the Clerk’s Office in California.

It is Uber’s standard policy to have all legal documents (such as summons, complaints, and subpoenas) served on their registered agent for service of process. The name and up-to-date contact information for the registered agent in each state can be accessed here.

Please note that the registered agent will only accept service if the entity being served is accurately identified (e.g., “Uber Technologies, Inc.” or “Rasier, LLC”), and if the agent is specifically authorized to accept service on behalf of said entity.

For the protection of our users’ privacy and security, we can only process requests for private information upon receipt of a valid subpoena as required by the law. Non-law enforcement subpoenas must be served through our registered agent for service of process.

As an expert in the field, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively serve subpoenas on Uber on your behalf. By utilizing our services, you can rest assured that your subpoena will be properly served and your case will move forward smoothly.

Domesticate Your Out-of-State Subpoena and Serve It on Uber With Serve Index LLC

To navigate the complexities of serving an out-of-state subpoena on entities like Uber, consider partnering with an experienced process server like Serve Index LLC. 

With our deep understanding of intricate legal protocols, we ensure a swift and efficient service. Our team is dedicated to handling your legal documents with the utmost professionalism and accuracy, making the process seamless and stress-free.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with serving your out-of-state or foreign subpoenas on Uber Technologies, Inc. You can also reach us by calling 888-994-6339 or email

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