How to Subpoena Financial Records

Financial records can be valuable tools in certain cases because they say more about a person that one might assume. For instance, when specific transactions are cross-referenced with other data, signs of fraud and hidden assets may be seen. Sometimes, the information is just needed to help divide assets in divorce cases.

That said, banks and other financial institutions are held at high standards by financial privacy laws. They can’t simply produce the necessary documents if their clients don’t consent to it. Serving a subpoena of records if the only way to get the information, but the process is different. To give you an idea, here’s how it’s done if you need the records from Bank of America:

How to Subpoena Financial Records from Bank of America

Make it Specific

Remember that if you want to subpoena a person’s financial records, you need to be specific. You should only request information that’s relevant to the litigation or those that can help in the discovery of more relevant ones.

Aside from this, you should also make sure that the subpoena is addressed to the accurate entity. The Bank of America has multiple subsidiaries, so you must be specific in which company you need the records to come from.

Serving the Subpoena on the Other Party Properly

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You are also required to provide the other involved individual/party with their own copy of the subpoena. This makes sure that they’re aware of what documents and information is being requested.

Take note that it’s crucial to serve the other party properly. There are rules and stipulations when it comes to process serving. If one isn’t followed properly, the individual has the right to decline the order.

An important thing to remember when serving subpoenas is that if it’s done improperly, the judge can dismiss the case without prejudice if they find an error/errors in how the process was conducted. That said, you can try again, but this will obviously affect the case and lengthen its duration.

This is why it’s smarter to get subpoena server services during these situations. They’ll be the ones to serve the legal documents to the intended parties. Their experience and vast knowledge about the entire process and the law related to it is incredibly useful so you can avoid mistakes which could delay your case.

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