Skip Tracing in New York: What Is It and How Is It Performed?

Skip tracing is the process of finding an individual’s location, usually a home address or place of business, for any specific purpose. The term “skip trace” indicates, however, that the person being searched has committed some sort of legal offense. “Skip” comes from the expression that a person “skipped town” in a rush to evade a legal obligation.

A skip tracer is a person who specializes in finding people who have left very little traces of their whereabouts. Skip tracing is a legally accepted service in New York, but there are illegal methods of obtaining personal information on any individual — yes, even those who are supposedly avoiding legal responsibilities. If you are found to have used illegal skip tracing methods, you could be on the receiving end of a lawsuit yourself.

In this article, we’ll discuss how skip tracing is performed by our seasoned process servers at Serve Index LLC.

The Process

Time is an important matter in skip tracing. The people whom skip tracers track usually have to appear in court at a specific date, reply to a summons within a limited time frame, or pay their long-overdue debts. Each day they’re not found could lead to costly consequences for the client, which is why our skip tracers always aim to finish the job as quickly as possible.

Our process for skip tracing at Serve Index LLC is straightforward:

Clients reach out to our skip tracers with information on the “skip’s” last known location and other details that could help our skip tracers find them (e.g., job history, current employment, police records, utility billing statements, travel history).

Our skip tracers will then assess the available information and get started on locating the person in question right away. They will use all available resources and connections to find the skip. Serve Index skip tracers search national databases that are available to the public, like records from the post office and the DMV. We also comb the Internet and social media for clues on the skip’s current location.

Serve Index LLC doesn’t break laws or resort to illegal methods of acquiring information, such as obtaining private documents without consent or using intimidation and brute force on people who may know the location of the people our clients are looking for.

As soon as our skip tracers successfully locate the skip, they will also perform other tasks required of them (e.g., serve them with a lawsuit, eviction notice, letter of delinquent payments), then submit the necessary affidavits to complete the skip trace.

Who Needs Skip Tracing Services?

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Anyone who needs to find someone can seek the services of a skip tracer. In our years in business, the people who often need our skip tracing services are:

  • Attorneys dealing with defendants who are evading service
  • Debt collection agencies hired by service providers to go after delinquent payers
  • Companies collecting delinquent payments from customers
  • Journalists looking for specific individuals
  • Detectives and private investigators looking for missing people, witnesses, and individuals in-hiding who are suspected of committing a crime

Other possible causes for skip tracers to get involved could be if:

  • The person you’re looking for was evicted from their home.
  • The person moved out of their previously known address without informing anyone of their intended destination.
  • The person was hospitalized and is going through a long recovery.
  • The person unexpectedly passed away.

Hire Skip Tracers by Serve Index LLC

Process servers at Serve Index LLC specialize in serving legal documents to defendants in civil lawsuits and respondents of summonses, claims, and complaints. Some recipients are harder than others to catch at a good time. Over the years, our more senior process servers honed their skills at finding people and have now become very competent skip tracers in New York.

Serve Index LLC can track people anywhere in the five boroughs of New York State. If you need to complete service of process, give notice to a delinquent customer, or find someone for legal or personal reasons, our skip tracers can help you.

Locate people in New York as quickly as possible with Serve Index LLC. Contact us today.

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