What You Need to Know About Serving a Foreign Subpoena in Iowa

Foreign subpoena domestication ensures the subpoena is valid and enforceable within the jurisdiction. The attorney must renew the subpoena with the county clerk where the requested papers or information are located before it can be served to the appropriate party or entity. 

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Legal Requirements for Serving a Foreign Subpoena in Iowa 

To serve a foreign subpoena in Iowa, you must comply with the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA). The UIDDA is a law that establishes a streamlined process for obtaining discovery from out-of-state sources. Iowa has adopted the UIDDA, meaning foreign subpoenas can be served in Iowa if they meet certain requirements. 

Some of the requirements for serving a foreign subpoena in Iowa include: 

  • The subpoena must be issued by a court or other authorized entity in the foreign jurisdiction. 
  • The subpoena must comply with Iowa’s rules of civil procedure. 
  • The subpoena must be properly served on the recipient in compliance with Iowa’s service of process rules. 

Steps in Serving an Out-of-State Subpoena in Iowa 

  1. Determine if the Court Has Jurisdiction: Before serving the foreign subpoena, it is important to determine if Iowa has jurisdiction over the person or entity being served. If the court does not have jurisdiction, the subpoena may not be valid. 
  2. Find a Process Server: Once you have determined that the court has jurisdiction, you will need to find a process server to serve the foreign subpoena. The process server must be authorized to serve legal documents in Iowa and comply with Iowa’s rules of civil procedure. 
  3. Serve the Foreign Subpoena: The process server will then serve the foreign subpoena on the recipient in compliance with Iowa’s service of process rules. It is important to ensure that the subpoena is served properly and legally to be enforceable. 

Potential Challenges When Serving a Foreign Subpoena  

Serving a foreign subpoena in Iowa may come with some challenges. Some of the potential issues you may encounter include: 

  • Difficulty identifying the proper court to file the subpoena. 
  • Difficulty properly serving the subpoena on the recipient. 
  • Delays are caused by the recipient’s unwillingness to comply with the subpoena. 

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