When to Use Skip Tracing to Locate Debtors and Witnesses in New York

In legal proceedings, locating debtors and witnesses is often crucial for a successful case. However, individuals may intentionally or unintentionally disappear, making it challenging to reach them. That’s where skip tracing comes in. In this blog, we will explore when to use skip tracing to find debtors and witnesses in New York and some skip tracing techniques.

What is Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a process that involves locating individuals who have either intentionally or unintentionally gone into hiding or cannot be reached through traditional methods. This technique utilizes various databases, public records, and advanced investigative tools to track down individuals, uncovering their current whereabouts.

Locating Debtors

In debt collection cases, locating debtors is critical to initiate the collection process. Debtors may try to avoid payment by changing addresses, phone numbers, or even their names. Skip tracing can help in such situations by providing updated contact information or uncovering hidden assets to enforce collections.

Debt collectors can obtain accurate and up-to-date addresses, phone numbers, employment information, and other relevant details by conducting a thorough skip trace. This information increases the chances of successfully collecting the debt or, if necessary, pursuing legal action against the debtor.

Finding Witnesses

interviewing a witness

When building a legal case, finding witnesses with crucial information is paramount. However, locating witnesses can be challenging, especially if their contact information is outdated or unknown. Skip tracing can help track witnesses and secure their participation in the legal process.

An experienced and professional skip tracing team will employ advanced investigative methods to find witnesses. These methods may include searching public records and social media platforms and using various databases that are not accessible to the general public. By utilizing these resources, skip tracers can identify witnesses, confirm their identities, and obtain their current contact information.

When to Use Skip Tracing in New York

Skip tracing can be beneficial in various legal scenarios. Here are some instances where utilizing skip tracing techniques in New York can prove invaluable:

  1. Debt Collection: When attempting to collect outstanding debts, skip tracing can help locate debtors and recover owed funds more efficiently.
  2. Civil Litigation: Skip tracing can aid in finding witnesses or individuals relevant to a civil litigation case, ensuring a comprehensive and strong legal presentation.
  3. Divorce and Child Support Cases: Skip tracing can be utilized to find a noncustodial parent who intentionally avoids paying child support dues or attempts to hide assets during divorce proceedings.
  4. Personal Injury Cases: Finding witnesses or individuals involved in personal injury cases can strengthen the plaintiff’s case or defense, ensuring a fair legal process.

Partner With Serve Index LLC

At Serve Index LLC, we understand the importance of locating debtors and witnesses for a successful legal process. Our skip tracing services provide accurate and up-to-date information, increasing your chances of reaching and persuading relevant individuals.

We employ ethical, legal, and efficient methods to obtain the desired results while adhering to all privacy regulations. By partnering with Serve Index LLC, you can save time and resources, allowing your legal team to focus on building a strong case. 

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