How Can Process Servers Help with Document Retrieval?

Documents and records play a critical role in litigation. Whether it be a family case, contract dispute, or real estate lawsuit, being backed by relevant documents can strengthen your claim or defense. Records such as transcripts, briefs, pleadings, and docket sheets serve as the basis for supporting arguments and legal precedence. They may be rendered admissible in court as tangible evidence and help you win your case.

Unfortunately, document retrieval can be a meticulous and time-consuming task. With the increasing number of civil and criminal cases per year, searching through databases and court records can take months. In addition, the laws surrounding access to specialized databases vary for every state. This means that on top of the actual discovery, you must also set aside time for reviewing local regulations and sending requests to relevant courts and agencies.

To save you precious time and energy, consider hiring a process server to expedite your document retrieval. Professional searchers are highly trained to recover archived data and lost personal records required in many cases.

What can a process server do for you?

Locate and retrieve

Retrieval specialists can find archived or misplaced documents in many jurisdictions. They can search through electronic databases and court archives and make the legal copies you need.

They will also handle requests for documents promptly and efficiently. Sometimes, requests can get derailed due to late payments or errors in filling out forms. Process servers know the ins and outs of the procedures for each jurisdiction and are experienced in dealing with various entities and authorities. They will ensure all forms and fees are completed in a timely manner to reduce unnecessary risks and penalties. This way, legal teams can rest assured that no other complications will arise throughout the process.


It is the job of the document retriever to triple check documents for accuracy and relevance to the case.


Delivering the documents on time is one of the most important steps in record retrieval. Any delays can be detrimental to the case. Process servers ensure all documents are received promptly and in good condition.

Seek help from professional searchers

Serve Index LLC has years of experience acquiring crucial documents from anywhere in the country. Whether you need to recover wills, birth certificates, or UCC searches, we ensure swift delivery and thorough due diligence. We won’t just go through electronic databases, but also search through physical files and other data sources if necessary. We can visit agencies, courts, and offices in a matter of hours to secure whatever you may need.

As reputable process servers, we have successfully served and retrieved documents for legal, personal, and business matters. Through our fast and seamless service, we have helped law firms, corporations and civilians save time and money so they can focus on more urgent concerns.

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