Why and How Skip Tracing Services Can Help Your Business

Not many people know, but skip tracing is not only used in the debt collection procedure. Most of the time, many legal professionals, private investigators, and even law enforcement use skip tracing to find witnesses or suspects involved in some of their cases. 

So what is this technique, and what are the advantages that come with it? Keep on reading and learn the basics of skip tracing.

What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a service for locating those who don’t wish to be found using publicly available information.

It’s a service commonly used by debt collectors, private investors, real estate agents, and financial professionals, mainly connected to their debt. When a person is unreachable due to unpaid debts, contract breaches, scams, or frauds, skip tracing services will help locate them.

What Does It Entail?

There are several steps included in the skip tracing process. These include:

  • Collect publicly available information, such as a client’s address and travel history, employment and credit card records, loan and tax records, utility bills, social media accounts, and criminal records if they exist.
  • Confirm their information
  • Contact family and friends as a way to locate them. This list also includes neighbors, co-workers, landlords, and anyone who might provide helpful information.

Is Skip Tracing Legal?

Photo Of People Looking On LaptopLet us put you at ease — skip tracing is legal in the U.S. Naturally, even in this case, you and the skip tracer must abide by the law when retrieving the information.

Any attempt to obtain or access private information without consent is considered illegal.

How Can Skip Tracing Help?

If used wisely, your business can see many benefits of skip tracing. Here are several advantages of this method.

Find Relocated Individuals

It often happens that clients or businesses relocate because they owe money. A good skip tracing company is the best way to find the location of those people. 

Saving Resources

Businesses dealing with lending money can save time and resources on locating debtors that have fled the city or country. This can also help legal firms or other entities with overdue debts from clients. Skip tracing can help find debtors faster and free heirs of any further obligations. 

Expanding the Client List

This method can help in creating or expanding your current client list. Use it to verify the demographics of potential clients, and once the information is validated, build a marketing plan and strategy to reach out to them. 

Find a Good Skip Tracing Service in New York

Skip tracing is a legal and safe method to locate those who are trying to hide from you to avoid fulfilling their obligations, and it saves resources and time. It’s a beneficial option for your business.

If you or your business needs a New York State process service that does skip tracing, don’t hesitate to call Serve Index LLC. We have an excellent team trained in finding people who don’t want to be found through legal means. Contact us, and we’ll put our forces into locating that one person quickly and efficiently.

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