5 Reasons To Use Process Servers for Eviction Notices in New York

With the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 now in effect, navigating the eviction process has become even more complex, putting additional burdens on landlords and administrators, such as following stricter notice requirements and providing evidence of just cause for eviction.

In addition, some tenants may become evasive or refuse to accept the service of process, causing eviction delays. Fortunately, Serve Index LLC’s licensed process servers in NY have extensive experience handling landlord-tenant service processes.

Here’s why you should use our service for serving eviction notices in NY.

Eliminate Unnecessary Delays

The average length of an eviction proceeding can range from three to six months, leaving landlords without the income they depend on. Promptly remove non-compliant tenants and avoid losing additional revenue with a licensed process server.

With Serve Index LLC, landlords can ensure the process is executed efficiently and complies with NY laws. Our process servers are trained to identify and overcome obstacles that may cause delays, such as evasive tenants, locked doors, or incorrect addresses.

Obtain Proof of Service

Getting proof of service is essential to avoid disputes or claims of improper service. Process servers provide landlords with a signed affidavit of service complete with the date, time, service location, and recipient’s name. This information can be critical in legal proceedings when proving that the tenant was properly notified of the eviction.

At Serve Index LLC, we do more than just secure an affidavit of service. We also provide real-time updates and photographic evidence for your peace of mind.

Remain Compliant With NY Laws and Regulations

Even minor oversights can lead to costly legal battles and headaches for landlords. Process servers have extensive knowledge of the current eviction laws and can ensure landlords remain compliant with the latest regulations throughout the eviction process.

From serving eviction notices to filing the necessary documents in court, they will ensure that every step is taken per NY laws. Our service ensures you comply with all necessary regulations, avoiding potential legal challenges.

Maintain Professionalism and Objectivity

How to Serve a Subpoena in IllinoisA third-party process server can help maintain professionalism and objectivity during an eviction. Landlords may have a personal or emotional connection to their property or the tenant, leading to tension and conflict during the removal.

By outsourcing the service process to a professional, the landlord can maintain distance and avoid becoming involved in personal conflicts. This ensures the eviction process is carried out fairly and objectively, without undue influence or emotional bias.

Free Up Your Time

Serving eviction notices can be time-consuming and interfere with other important tasks that need your attention. By using a process server, you can delegate the responsibility of serving the notice and focus on other priorities, such as property maintenance and financial management. This allows you to manage your time effectively and efficiently without worrying about serving eviction notices yourself.

Work With Serve Index LLC, The Experienced Process Servers in NY

Eliminate the risk of improper service by working with experienced process servers in NY. At Serve Index LLC, we have the expertise and resources to locate and serve even the most difficult tenants. Benefit from our prompt services which include same-day service, email notifications, and photo logs.

Save time, money, and stress while ensuring that the legal requirements of the eviction process are met. Contact us now to receive a free quote.


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