Service of Process on CT Corporation System

All businesses are required to have a registered agent to receive their legal documents. This specific agent or agency accepts everything — complaints, summons, government notices, etc. CT Corporation, the largest registered agent service in the world, helps businesses achieve this goal by taking the responsibility of receiving documents and forwarding the papers for follow-up.

Several businesses prefer CT Corporation as their registered agent. Due to the high demand, the company accepts a huge number of documents. To keep their operations running smoothly, they check the documents to ensure they are the registered agent for the business named in the lawsuit. If they spot an error, CT Corporation will reject the service.

What Happens When CT Corporation Rejects the Serve?

In case of rejection, there is little you can do. The documents must be served on the business in the lawsuit, but if CT Corporation is not their registered agent, you can’t leave the documents with them. You’ll have to change the papers to name the defendant correctly.

To save yourself time and money, best to leave the job with Serve Index LLC, a process server serving clients in the five boroughs of New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island) in addition to the Suffolk and Nassau counties in Long Island.

CT Corporation Has Plenty of Offices. We Can Serve them All

One of the biggest benefits of working with a nationwide server like us is we can handle all the papers you have, even if there are multiple defendants from different states. While we focus more in New York, with their location at 28 Liberty St, 42nd FL, New York, NY 10005, nothing stops us from delivering your papers to CT Corporation’s offices in Los Angeles.

Simplify your caseload by letting Serve Index LLC serve CT Corporation and other defendants, no matter where they are in the United States.

Instructions on Serving CT Corporation System

Find the company you want to serve first. Check the New York State Department of Corporation’s official website to confirm the complete name of the company that uses the CT Corporation System as their registered agent. It prevents document errors that can cause your suit to be rejected.

Also, keep in mind that CT Corporation only accepts legal documents listed with the New York State Division of Corporations. The name should be spelled exactly the way it appears on your documents.

When typing your documents, use the name of the corporation or entity, followed by a c/o CT Corporation System. Place the name of the company at the top and the c/o CT Corporation System below the indicated name above.

Finally, refrain from putting any persons’ names on your service of process documents. CT Corporation rejects documents on behalf of individuals.

Once you’ve finalized all the details, please email your document to or mail us at the following address:

8801 5th Ave STE 90105
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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Serve Index LLC always goes the extra mile for its clients. As one of New York City’s trusted process server agencies, we provide legal support service with excellence and accuracy above all else.

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When you choose our agency, you’ll be working with a reliable and skilled team. We are composed of New York’s finest process servers, document retrievers, and mobile notaries — all of them possessing the proficiency to deal with our strenuous line of work.

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