Serving Legal Documents by Certified Mail, FedEx, or UPS

No matter how strong your case is, litigation cannot begin until documents are delivered to all involved parties. Unfortunately, some people will go to great lengths to avoid being served. Some will hide inside their homes for weeks, wear disguises, or even leave the city for many months until the coast is clear.

If Personal Delivery, Substituted Delivery, and Conspicuous Delivery fail despite multiple attempts, New York State law recognizes personal service by certified mail as a permissible alternative.

Prompt and accurate service of process is a critical part of every legal proceeding. Hiring a process server is the best way to ensure court documents are delivered to the right people at the right time. Any missteps or errors can result in a mistrial or even a case dismissal.  This is why it’s vital to work with a professional process server trained in best practices, legislation changes, and proper documentation.

When you need to serve legal papers anywhere in New York, you can count on Serve Index. We can serve legal papers to defendants or respondents anywhere in the five boroughs of New York as well as in Suffolk and Nassau Counties on Long Island. Aside from personal service, we also specialize in process service by certified mail and by commercial courier services such as FedEx and UPS.

We know and implement the best ways to mail legal documents and ensure that all important paperwork reaches the right recipient.

Service by certified mail

Process service via regular certified mail allows the sending party to track the delivery of the documents. You’ll know exactly when and where the papers were delivered. Service by certified mail requires the recipient’s signature which is kept on record in the post office.

When the addressee signs to receive the papers, they are officially “served” and have accepted that a legal process is underway. Certified mail service is generally cost-effective and quick. Service by FedEx or UPS offers even faster, more secure delivery. Delivery typically takes one or two business days, depending on where the paper needs to be served.

Service by certified mail with return receipt requested

“Return Receipt Requested” is an additional service that can be included in standard certified mail. A return receipt serves as proof of delivery and indicates when and to whom the papers were delivered.

This type of service functions exactly like service by certified mail except that the signature record is mailed back to the sender.

Once the return receipt is received back, it confirms that the papers have been delivered. This service provides greater security for important documents as it requires a signature from whoever receives them and then returns proof of delivery to the sender. The turnaround time for this type of service is two to five business days.

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Service by FedEx (with signature confirmation)

Serve Index can also facilitate process service via FedEx®. You’ll have the visibility, control, and service speed to know that your documents will arrive on time.  We also provide complete documentation for your peace of mind.

You can request signature confirmation when serving process via FedEx. This ensures that the recipient must sign for delivery and provides proof of service. Signature confirmation by FedEx typically takes one to two business days.

With years of experience providing reliable service, FedEx has established a reputation for delivering results.

Service by UPS (with signature confirmation)

UPS® is one of the most trusted shipping and logistics companies worldwide. Count on our process servers to ensure reliable delivery of legal documents and complete proof of service via UPS®.

UPS’s process service is streamlined and efficient, allowing for quick turnaround times and exceptional customer service. UPS® also offers signature confirmation service. This ensures that the recipient must sign for delivery and provides proof of service. Signature confirmation by UPS typically takes one to two business days.

Work with New York’s trusted process servers

When it comes to process service, it’s best to leave the job in the hands of a company you can trust. Improper service can lead to costly delays and devastating consequences for your case.

At Serve Index, our process servers are trained to deliver complaints, subpoenas, summonses, writs, and other legal documents on time and in accordance with the rules of the New York courts. No matter which mailing method you choose, we can quickly and easily serve all your legal documents. We take the hassle out of process service and employ these reputable couriers to deliver.

Years in the industry have taught us to be meticulous. We are also highly experienced in serving uncooperative individuals and those who willfully try to avoid service to delay the case. Contact us now to request a quote.

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